January 10, 2011


Sorry its a tad late but i was busy...CHILLAXINN' Last night i was watchin like 3 different news channels and watching the bottom of the screen like a hawk hopin i would see that my school was closed because of the horrible weather. But it never came up so i would just wait til mornin and and hope some more. :)
I woke up about 7 something and turned straight to the news and the thingy-ma-jigger was still scrolling and i was anxiously waiting, it was scrolling in alphabetical order and my college starts with a "T" so i had a while to wait, my moms job was delayed until 7:30 so she was happy...Then as soon as it gets to the Ts a giant weather advisory pops up at the bottom with a stupid map thingy and i couldn't see anything, and by the time it went away it was on the Cs...FML! So i turned to a different channel and it was on the Ms so i waited...There it was....My school was delayed until noon, and my last class end at 11 something, so that meant NO SCHOOL FOR ME!!!! Can you tell i was happy?? L0l. So then i was like yay!! More sleep for me, so its now almost 8 and I'm about to lay back down but i reset my alarm because i still had to be to work at 3! Then i wake up about 11 or 11:30ish against my will, but good thing i did because my phone was on vibrate and my manager then called me to tell me we weren't opening today and i didn't have to come in... Can you say DOUBLE WHOO-HOO??? So i went back to sleep again but only for about 2 hours. Then i got up, tidied up my room a bit, got something to eat, watched some t.v and took a shower (which was a bad idea due to the fact i was FREEZING when i got out) only to put on jammies AGAIN when i got out and just enjoyed my day off, and NO first day of school, but i really hope they don't cancel school tomorrow because afterwards I'm supposed to meet my former(but will be again) BFF! I haven't talked to her in a really long time or for that matter seen her,, and we're supposed to meet for some lunch tomorrow so hopefully we can!

Anywho! I need to get started on my 30-Day Blog Challenge for today! It'll be up in a little while!

Stay warm kiddies!

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