November 19, 2013

Best Advice...

Just happened to see a friend of mine share this link on Facebook and it's some of the best advice for all my 20 something year old girls.

Thank me, or the actual author later. 

October 15, 2013

Oh No!

Hey guys, I have absolutely no idea why I have BABY FEVER right now! 

I'm not married, not even in a relationship. But all my friends are having babies left and right and I want one... I know, babies aren't toys or dolls, but they're cute! 
Hopefully this fever will pass soon. 

Peace & Love

September 23, 2013

A VERY Wise Teacher Once Told Me...

"Excuses are tools of the incompetent
which create monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in them are seldom good in anything…."

This is why I hate when people make excuses. Be an adult. Own up to your mistakes. I'll respect you more with the truth than with a lie. 

Just a little something I thought I'd drop on you guys today. 

Peace & Love

September 6, 2013

Should I?

I'm going back and forth with a personal debate on whether or not I should post my bucket list on my blog. I know it's kind of personal, but I know for a fact that I'll accomplish more than half the things on my list. I've just always been the kind of person that believes "don't tell people your 'secrets' or 'personal goals' because you'll be judged and you won't accomplish what you set out to accomplish." Is it just me or do some of you think this as well? Let me know. Have any of you posted your bucket list? Do you have that same weird belief that I do? I love feedback! 

Peace & Love
-Tiffani :)

August 27, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals!!

I'm so excited to present my FIRST post for Foodie Pen Pals August 2013!
If your not familiar with it you can read up on it here on Lindsay's (founder of FPP) blog. Not to be extremely long winded but the program is pretty much like... you make sure to sign up, the by the 5th of the month you receive your matches. The person who YOU'LL be sending a box of goodies to, and the person who will be sending YOU a box of goodies! You have a budget of $15 but lets be real, who can stay within that limit?
Don't forget to linkup!
It's really fun to get food, snacks and goodies from people in extremely different parts of the country. Example, If you live in the deep South and send a package to a Pacific North Westerner. Or a Midwesterner person sending a package to a born-bred New Yorker! If that makes any sense. So, I actually participated in the FPP last year July and I actually never received my package. I believe it was because when I moved from SC to NC, then back to SC the address change situation got crazy. That kind of discouraged me a bit, but I was reading someone else's blog and then saw that did the FPP and I said "why not give it another shot?" So I did! I was paired with Anna and Lena! I sent a package that was VERY Charleston themed to Lena of LeanLena and I received a package from Anna of Restaurant Wife Dietitian Life! I got really nervous about the package because it was sent on a Saturday with 2-day shipping and I didn't get it until the next Friday. I thought the USPS lost yet another package, which low and behold they didn't, but the box was definitely banged up, and I know for a fact she didn't send it that way, so SHAME on you USPS... Moving on, I was emailing Anna that VERY day about how I didn't receive the package yet and she had already thrown away the receipt with the tracking number. I ran a few errands after work and didn't get home until about 2 hours after we exchanged emails. I walk into my room and see this...
I was SOOOOO excited, talk about rip a package open? It surely felt like Christmas! :)
This is what it looked like when I opened the box...
I love newspapers!
Here's What was included:

1. Lime & Chile Mixed Nuts
2. Sweet & Spicy Pecans
3. Cranberry Almond KIND bars- So AMAZING!
4. Hot & Sweet Mustard (I haven't tried it yet but I. CANNOT. WAIT!
5. Dark Chocolate/Caramel Wedges
Everything all nice and pretty!(excuse my messy bed). When I told her I like spicy, she made sure to deliver the SPICY!
Don't forget to go sign up for the Foodie Pen Pals September 2013!
Peace & Love

August 20, 2013

All I Want......

I swear to you guys, after all the Instagram videos and YouTube videos ALL I want are a pair of Beyoncé "The Mrs. Carter Show!" tickets. That would make my life. I promise you if somebody gave me some right now I'd probably faint and when I come to they would forever be my best friend. I really love Bey y'all, like really! I would love to experience a concert of hers LIVE! I would buy multiple tshirts. One to wear, one to frame... I guess I can dream huh? 

-Tiffani ❤

August 15, 2013

Is it...

Is it 4pm on Friday afternoon yet? That's what I've been looking forward to since Monday morning. I love the weekends y'all. The weather here sucked all week and I felt a little sick, do hopefully this weekend will be amazing! I know it will be because I sent my Foodie Pen Pal her package today! Can't wait until she gets it. 

Just thought I'd let you guys know how much I'm looking forward to Friday! :) 

Peace & Love

August 9, 2013

I'm Mentally Preparing Myself...

Hey y'all, I'll already getting my state of mind and palette ready for one of my favorite Charleston events. The Southern Living TASTE OF CHARLESTON!
The event is being held between September 27-29, 2013. Its usually held in October when the weather is a little less... scorching, but I can deal. I've only attended the "Main Event" at Boone Hall where I can purchase tickets and taste samples of everything from some of Charleston's BEST restaurants. I'm especially excited this time because I can finally WINE TASTE!!! *grabs personalized wine glass*
Who else is going to be there? Does your city have a "Taste of...?" What food events are y'all most looking forward too? Let me know, I'm nosey!
Peace & Love

July 21, 2013


Hello all. *insert creepy wave* 
Lets just cut to the chase, I've been M.I.A... Yes! But have I done ANYTHING with my life in almost 2 months since I quite my job in May thats bloggable (I know it's not a word, no shame)? No! Did y'all know that quitting your job without a backup plan eventually leads to depleted funds? I know, crazy stuff huh?! It's hard to do things with no money, but I've reentered  the world of the employed once again and I shall be returning to doing fun things. On my list of fun things coming up is my family reunion in about 2 weeks. My young (21-30) cousins that don't live in Charleston or haven't been here in a while, I really want to show them a good time. What are some good restaurants and hotspots in this here city of Charleston? I know there is a hookah bar which could be quite fun, and I know about the "famous restaurants" ex. Hymans seafood. But I want to take them somewhere a little more authentic, more rustic, and more affordable. Kinda like a hole-in-the-wall type joint. But not creepy. Any suggestions my beautiful people. Let me know. I love ya! 

Peace & Love

July 10, 2013


I've been thinking long and hard lately and I think I really want to become a vlogger. Ya know, videotape/record my life everyday and have people watch it on YouTube almost like a daily sitcom. Yeah, I've been doing it on and off, more so off since December. And it's quite fun. Yeah people might look at me funny in public places but I could learn to ignore that and just be myself around my friends and family. I need a really cool vlog channel name though... Thoughts? 

May 30, 2013

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Nine

Hey ya'll. Once again I'm linking up with Tara & Vicki for the NAIL FILES!
Here are the nails I'm workin' with this week...

Here they are.
Essie- Naughty Nautical
I believe this color is from the new summer collection, but I'm not sure... There goes me lacking the details once again. -_-
p.s I won't leave my nails messy like this, I will clean it up! :)
So go ahead and link up girls! (or guys)
Peace & Love

May 9, 2013


Well, I've been trying to be a lot more healthy. Mostly with working out and actually eating more than once per day. I eat relatively healthy, but my problem is snacking. My snack habits aren't all that healthy. But recently a bright idea popped into my WONDERFUL mind. To make my own good trial mix! :) Here is what it looked like in all it's mixxy glory. 

It contains:
a little over half a bag of fat free butter popcorn
1/2 cup of any peanuts/cashews/almonds or nuts of your choice. 
1/2 cup of raisins, or any craisins or dried fruit.
1 box of Reese's pieces candies or M&Ms. (In that humongous $1 Walmart bin) 

And there you have in your own trail mix. I suggest keeping it in a bowl of some sort versus a ziploc bag because all the nuts, raisins and candies will fall to the  bottom leaving you with more popcorn than anything. So just leave the popcorn at the bottom of the bowl and sprinkle everything on top and give it an extremely light toss. Hope y'all enjoyed and happy snacking! :) 

Disclaimer: this snacky snack is NOT meant to be eaten over the course of one night like I did my first batch, oops, but to eaten over about a week... But do whatever makes your little hearts happy!

Peace & Love 
- Tiffani

April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Hey guys, I believe this is my first "Weekend Recap" and my, my, my was it a weekend. Friday afternoon my best friend and I (see last post) packed it up for a VERY short trip, I'm talking 45 minutes away short, to "The Burg" for somewhat of birthday celebrations. Her cousin lives there so we had a place to stay, there was a HUGE "last party of the year" party going on and we know ALOT of people that attend the college up there so it was only right that we go. So we got there around 5pm, and S 's (my BFF) cousin needed something to wear and I wasn't happy with my dress that I brought, so I was going to get a top to go with the black skirt that I had.
My weekend was supposed to start off like this... Full of excitement...

We went to the mall, which is practically nonexistent and I found absolutely NOTHING -_-. All that mall had was Sears (which is closing), JCPenny, Belk, Rue 21, Bath & Body Works and a really cheapy store called It's Fashion! And guess what? It's not! I didn't find anything then S's cousin said they had a Rainbow. I usually don't like Rainbow because the one home in Charleston is small, hot, cluttered and just never appealed to me. I'm more of a Charlotte Russe girl when it come to club/party attire. The Rainbow store looked completely sketch, it was in a random strip mall next to a restaurant, and I didn't think I would find anything, surprisingly I did. A cute long sleeve coral, sheer, hi-low shirt for only $14.99!! I'm not a scandalous kind of girl, club or not, so I bought a black cami to go underneath. I REALLY liked my outfit. Sorry no pictures.

Fast forward to the actual party, and THANK GOD there is no visual evidence of these later events.

In the midst of all this...
I was having a really good time. Then this broke out...
That's right, a fight broke out.

I didn't even notice the fight at first... Stupid me. I was walking to the bathroom and I legit walked into the middle of the crowd surrounding the fight. I backed up with the quickness and some really handsome GENTLEMAN grabbed my arm and told me to back up and asked it I was OK. Then it got really out of control when security guards was beating this guy up, they had him in a choke hold and another was about to taze him. I felt so bad for the guy because I know him personally from HS. :(
The crowd got really wild and I was being pushed and shoved in EVERY direction possible, I lost my friend and had no idea where she was. I got knocked down (embarrassing much?) and the same handsome gentleman and another guy both helped me up, I was trying my hardest to get the hell out of there... Didn't work. I started to find it hard to breathe, and I knew it was going downhill from there. I spotted S and I was trying to hurry over to her while pushing through the crowd, being told to back up, and being pushed back all at the same time. I started to fall again and yet another handsome gentleman was there to help me up and ask if I was OK. I really didn't hear to much and I reached S just in time to grab her hand and fall over with a asthma attack. -_-  That's right, I had an asthma attack in public, at a party, with a very short skirt on. I didn't have my inhaler on me because I no longer have it seeing how I haven't had an attack in over 5 years! (even more embarrassing!)
side note: did I mention this was a Greek party?   I had to be carried out of this place by S and one of the handsome brothers in the Fraternity (APhiA) that was throwing this party took me outside. Feeling some cool air made it a little better, but not quite. I was so embarrassed because people were standing around looking at me and I hate being the center of attention, at least among strangers. Thank god for my BFF she kicked ass! The security guard came over and tried to yell at us and make us go back inside, S was like "NO! She had attack, so move back!" then she made some guy go get me a bottle of water, and another guy get me a chair. I love her! A member of the Fraternity rushed over and was like... "Do you have your inhaler?" *insert guilty nod no* "What kind do you use?" *struggles & gasps to say Albuterol* "Here use mine!" OMG! Out of nowhere this guy whips his inhaler out of his pocket and gives it to me. In that breathless moment in time, I swear that inhaler looked like GOLD!
I used a complete stranger's inhaler and was never more grateful.

I gave it back, sat there for another 10 minutes and got it together. You know, breathing feels amazing? It was a shameful yet appreciative walk back into the party with all the "That's the girl!" and "Are you OK?" and my personal favorite... "Damn girl!"

My mood was pretty much ruined after that. Although I was looking for the guy that let me use his inhaler to give him the worlds biggest hug and truly thank him from the bottom of my heart, but I never found him. We were only there for another 45-60 minutes or so, and I sat most of the time. Still kinda in my shitty mood because my respiratory system wanted to be a jerk! When we finally left, I still got a few awkward stares and everybody was just exhausted. We got back to the room and crashed for about 30 minutes, then we all realized, at 3am might I add, that we were starving. So, only place besides McDonald's (which I don't eat) that's still open is the great...
We love this place, but EVERYTIME there is a big even or party in this town its always extremely crowded at this time. We were in the drive thru seriously for 30 minutes with growling tummies. We got back to the room my food was so sloppily thrown together, they were lucky that we already left and I was starving, but in my mind they got this...

The next day S had to go to work at 2pm, we left a little after 11am, it takes less than an hour to get home so you'd think she would have more than enough time to get ready for work... WRONG! Traffic on I-26 was at a complete standstill and backed up for about 3 miles because an oil truck turned over. They made everybody get off on some random exit and take a detour and we had no clue where the hell we were.

Fast forward through the traffic, and S being about 45 minutes late for work. I got home and I was like this...

This weekend was just not my weekend, and I feel like I'm still recuperating from it all. Maybe the next weekend will be a good one... It should be, my cousin is graduating from college!! WITH HONORS! Yay Monica! Thanks goodness I have no photographic evidence of this weekend...

Peace & Love





April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday to the bestest friend a girl could EVER ask for! I love you so much, and I hope you remember this day/night!

April 19, 2013

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Eight

Hey guys! I'm linking up with Tara & Vicki once again, for another week of...
My nails this week...
A pretty hot pink from Nicole by O-P-I Kardashian Kolor.

Go ahead and link up!
Peace & Love


April 17, 2013


So... it's Wednesday. And I need to love stuff...

I have absolutely no idea why I'm having such wedding fever lately. Maybe its because I was born, raised and residing in the South. Is it weird that I've somewhat had my wedding planned out in my head since I was about 13? No? Great!
I've always known that I wanted a fall wedding here in Charleston. no matter where life takes me, my wedding WILL be in Charleston. I love the fall, its my favorite season, and I actually hate the summer and being hot. So imagine being in a wedding dress. All that fabric, Charleston heat in the spring or summer. No thanks! So here is a little inspiration I've been looking at for my future!

I'm actually not a flower person at all, but Sunflowers are just SO gorgeous!



How cute is this cake? Very Alice in Wonderlandish!
Aren't they puurty? All I need is a man, a ring and the finances!
I'm ALSO loving...
This AMAZING weather! If it could stay like this all spring and summer I'd be one happy girl!
The last thing I'm loving today is LIFE, especially with the horrible recent event of the bombing in Boston, I appreciate life a lot more each and everyday.
That's all I'm loving... besides y'all of course! ;)
Peace & Love


April 12, 2013

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Seven

I'm finally linking up again with Tara & Vicki for another week of The Nail Files!
Now here are my nails... *drumroll*
Obviously its a bit MUCH, but hey! I like prints and sparkles! I like to mix my nails up with nail strips, polishes and SPARKLE!
Kiss Nail Dress in Princess (blinged out cheetah print! HEAVEN!)
China Glaze- Mahogany Magic
Revlon- Stunning
Go link up... NOW!
Peace & Love


April 11, 2013

I Need To Work On This...

Well guys, I had braids in my hair for the past 2 months, it really makes my life a heck of a lot easier. And who doesn't like that? But the worst part is always taking those suckers out. And I was up all night (I seriously watched the sun come up) taking those things out.. Needless to say I was extremely tired this morning. My best friend called me and we takes for a little while and she said she would probably stop by when she left the mall ( she's a shopaholic.) I told her ok and to possibly call me a few times because I sleep REALLY hard... I woke up around noon and had about 3 missed calls and 2 text messages and STILL didn't wake up. I have always slept extremely hard since I was a kid and I have no idea why. But creepy things can wake me up, like a person standing over me or someone being in my room that's not supposed to be (my nieces.) I think the only time this bad habit/trait will change is when I have kids and since that won't be for a while, what is a gal to do? Are there any exercises or techniques that I could do to be a lighter sleeper? I could miss very important things and phone calls by sleeping to hard. Something's gotta give already!

p.s. weird sn, when I have to go to work or somewhere important and I set an alarm I ALWAYS wake up before the alarm goes off... My body need to get it together!

April 8, 2013

Restaurant Review: Sesame Burgers and Beer

Long time no chat, but lets not dwell on the past. ONWARD THIS POST! (My inner warrior just snuck out for a second... Sorry.)

Anyways, with the spring somewhat here, even with the crazy Charleston weather, and the summer around the corner I thought I should expand my horizon of restaurant ventures...So this spring & summer, I'm going to try new(at least new to me) restaurants all over Charleston and take pictures of the décor and my meals and report back to y'all with a very honest review! So this time around...actually on April 2nd, me and two of my friends were exploring at Citadel Mall, which was a sheer stroke of luck because I NEVER go to that mall, and if I do, I go to Target and back to my car.(Not exactly the best shopping experience in Charleston.) But we were in the area and my friends wanted to go there to go to Subway originally... $5 foot longs, can't beat it with a stick right?

Then as we were about to walk into the mall, me. Being the genius that I am, spotted a chalkboard sign that said "EVERY TUESDAY! $3 BURGERS 4PM-CLOSE!"
I immediately checked the time on my phone...It was a little after 5pm... JACKPOT! We went in, and a cute, very tall girl in an all kinds of gorgeous sage jumpsuit greeted us then sat us outside, since seating inside didn't exist. We thought we'd be all cool and hip to sit outside, then it got a lot colder, and I really think they forgot about us out there after we got our drinks. Even the guy with the two toddlers was forgotten about. When the guy finally came out there, we asked if we could go sit inside because it was WAY to cold. The only place available to sit was at this bar thing, but it wasn't a bar. It was like front row seats to all the kitchen action..

The burgers were $3 for either a turkey burger, beef burger, chicken sandwich or black bean burger. It already comes with lettuce and a side of fries was only $1.50! You pay for any added toppings, they cost between $0.35-$1.10. You can get anything you want on your burger from over 10 different cheeses, to bacon, a fried egg or even peanut butter! That's right... peanut butter!
I went with the basics.. cheese, tomatoes, and onions.
And they have ketchup and mustard there for you to use, and they give you some housemade mayo and honey mustard upon request. It was one of the best burgers I ever had in my life! Juicy, tender and it was turkey so you don't feel THAT guilty about ruining your diet. I've never sat with my friends and was more silent during a meal than I was on Tuesday at Sesame Burgers and Beer. And my total was a little over $6, because I always get water, I never get a soda or anything. This place will see me quite often on Tuesdays after 4pm that's for sure! Be sure to check them out, I went to the West Ashley location which I believe is a little smaller in size compared to the other location even though I haven't been to those before. This place will be my go to, especially when it gets a lot warmer here. I thought I'd leave y'all with a picture of my demolished plate...
I couldn't finish that last little bite..
Leave all your Charleston restaurant recommendations for me to check out and review! Preferably places that have daily specials, or some kind of deal once or twice a week.
Until next time guys...
Eat a little, live a lot!
Peace & Love


April 7, 2013

Today We Lost An Icon...

Today we lost an icon.... The great Ms. Lily Pulitzer..

Every blogger, especially the southern bloggers know about Lily Pulitzer. Her fabulous, colorful, tropical dresses are a MUST! For example...

Although, I'm unable to really afford Lily, (#BrokeCollegeKidProblems) and let me be quite honest, even though her dresses are GORGEOUS they aren't exactly tailor made for the short and curvy. I have however owned her agenda and matching pen that I bought with my HS graduation money for my 1st semester of college. I loved it! I'm going to make it my business to purchase more things from her line, especially with the summer coming up.
However, it is truly sad that she has passed away, but she did live a long beautiful life until the age of 81 and that is truly a blessing in itself.
I have vowed to start my "Lily Fund" that will consist of a dress, sandals, a drink tumbler, and a wallet. And the alterations that I will have to have on the dress.
Let's not mourn the loss, but celebrate her life!
Peace & Love


January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2013 is amazing and prosperous! If your 2012 wasn't what you wanted it to be, go out and grab 2013 by the balls and make it AMAZING! My 2013 will be great because I turn 21 this year!!! *insert drunken slur here* I'm not really a "resolution" kind of girl, but my goal is definitely to blog more!

That is all!

Peace & Love