January 31, 2011


OMG! Ya'll dinner was so good tonight it made you wanna Slap-Yo-Mama! It doesn't really have a name...so I named it "Pan Stewed Chicken" clever right? Since she stewed the chicken in a deep pan instead of a pot. My mama had some chicken already seasoned and she didn't know what she wanted to do to it exactly, so she stewed it. But she didn't want to make a GIANT pot of stewed chicken and have leftovers because she has other plans for dinner the rest of the week. I kinda contributed...She did the chicken and rice, and I made the green beans! Hey! Don't judge, its something! I am a good cook, but I usually only cook like once a week, or when my parents go out of town and I have to survive! I'll cook alot more and share my southern, country, recipe-less recipes with ya'll when I have my own place where I can cook how I want and be F R E E!! L0l.

I would put up the pictures and my rendition of a recipe, but I can't find my camera cord. It's either in my closet or out in the trunk. Which I refuse to look through tonight, so tomorrow I'll post the picture and the "recipe" I say recipe that way because in my household, unless its a desert like cake, cookies, or a cupcakes, we don't follow recipes. But if its food-food, we do a dash of this, a pinch of that, a spoonful of this...not a teaspoon or tablespoon, but a spoonful. So tomorrow, I'll put up the pictures and the recipe and I hope ya'll enjoy!

Happy Monday!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-28)-(Something that Stresses me out)

I get really stressed when I know I only have a certain amount of time to do something, and that time is rapidly winding down and I feel like whatever I have to do won't be done in time! That really stresses me out! I just seem like the kind of person that CANNOT work well under pressure, but for some reason I always pull through!! :)

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-27)-(Pets?)

...I have no pets, hate to say. Besides the few goldfish as a kid. I had a puppy when I lived in the country, but I don't know what breed he was. I just remember I named him Mister. He was black. He was tiny. And he would guard the back door...that nobdy used! But when somebody would walk back there, he would chase them to the front...silly dog. He got hit by an 18 wheeler...I miss that dog!

I still live with my parents, but when I get my own place in about a year or 2, i want to save up more for a terrier of some sort!
Either a Yorkie, or a West Highland! But in Charleston they're like almost $800! Thats alot of saving!

Hopefully, it'll be a housewarming present:)

January 29, 2011

Oh My-Lanta!!

Nobody ever told me this blogging thing would be this difficult! I can't win with the whole template/background thing. The first couple of months I had to use the Blogger templates and backgrounds, which I DO NOT like. I also downloaded a template from this site. Out of the...maybe TEN templates I sorta liked that I downloaded, only ONE worked and I didn't really care for it too much anyway. I wanted something pretty from either shabbyblogs.com or cutestblogontheblock. com but if I just tried to copy and paste the code, it DIDN'T work! Then I finally found a way for it to copy and paste a code so it would work. I had to go to "Revert to Classic Template" and then choose "Pick Classic Template"   and I get one of the Minima Templates and then I go to "Edit HTML" and paste the code and it works...but people can't follow me or anything, all they can see is my About Me, Previous Posts, and Archives! I didn't even know it until Ashley of Texas Prep brought it to my attention! Thanks, btw! This sucks! I need help...somebody please tell me what I need to do! This gives me the biggest headache. I would love to have more followers..but guess what...People can't follow me!! I've been playing around with it for hours, trying to get it how I like it and without messing up the Page Elements...this is pissing me off so I'm out of here...

If anybody knows how to help me, please just email me at tiffaniblogs@yahoo.com , or leave a comment!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-26)-(Picture of my Family)

I don't really have a picture with the WHOLE family together because its way to many of us!!

January 28, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-25)-(Put iTunes on shuffle...1st 10 songs!)

How quick this will be...I don't have iTunes!!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-24)-(Something I've Learned)

I've learned that life is way to short, and that every moment of it should be cherished as if its your last! 

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-23)-(Favorite Vacation)

My favorite vacation was to California & Vegas! During the summer of 2009, my sister's husband was stationed at Fort Irwin and they had to move to the middle of the Mohave Desert! At first they hated it, then they grew to like it! We went to visit and stayed in L.A for a few days, then we went to stay on base with them for a few days because they both had to go back to work, then we went to Vegas for a few more days! We took so many pictures, but when we got back to SC our computer had a virus and wiped our whole computer clean, all the pictures...GONE! I was upset because I didn't get around to saving the picture to my flash drive yet! But hey, even though they are back on the East coast now, we're going back next year, because we have alot of family there! So we'll remember to save the picture that time! Even though there is no evidence, that was my favorite vacation!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-22)-(Favorite City)


My favorite city is Rome, although I've never been. Its such a visually stunning city! I want to go on my honeymoon, I think it'll be very romantic! And the beautiful architecture and all the amazing history. As you all know, I love history! I can't wait!!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-21)-(Picture of Myself)

Here I am...

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-20)-(Nicknames??)

I really don't have any permanant nicknames.

My close family calls me Tiff-Dog..I have no idea why!! They just came up with the name and if i'm not home and they come to visit, and I walk in the house they all say "Whats up Tiff-Dog" practically in unison! Or when they're bothering me!

My sister B calls me Clara??? She said it was somebody in a book, or movie , or something like that and I remind her of them...Whatever she says!!

And my friends just call me Tiff! Simple. In elementary and middle school everybody called me cheeks, because I had...have chubby cheeks. But I went to a different high school and didn't see them anymore so it stopped...thannk God.

And my mommy call me Lovin'...idk! She's done that since I was a baby! 

-smooches Tiff!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-19)-(Something I miss)

Hmmm, what do I miss! I miss when I was younger and had a really good relationship with my father! I don't now,but I'm trying to work on it!

That is what I miss! 

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-18)-(Something I Regret)

I really don't have a major regret. But if it had to be anything, as much as I hated school. I wish I was more active during my Senior year. I did the senior activities....Halloween Hoot, Senior Breakfasts(Chick-fil-A[Our Sponsor, its directly across the street], and Shoney's[Chick-fil-a in Oct & Shoney's in Feb]), T-Shirts(short & long sleeve) [and the short sleeve had the entire senior class names on it, and the long sleeve had our actual signatures], Easter Egg Hunt, Senior Luncheon! I even went on the senior trip, which was good throughout, but ended badly! It ended badly due to us waking up late and me being the last one in the shower, and my hair was in all kinds of directions. And when I was in the shower my roomates left me and the chapperone was like everybody was waiting on ME and my suitcase wasn't even packed! And when I got to the buses we still had to wait for other people, that chapperone pissed me off! LIAR! And I got a seat next to a smelly guy! At the first stop, I switched! Then Prom...what a disaster! My hairdresser took forever, si I was running late. I had to pick up THREE other people! 2 of my girlfriends and my supposed "date" I finally got home, good thing I took a shower before I left...then as I'm getting ready my DRESS RIPS!! The zipper just rips..I was so devasted! I felt really really fat of course! So all 3 of my friends are calling me wondering where I am, and how far away I am! I had to resort to an ugly brown dress I had to wear in my cousins wedding! And it stopped in the middle of my calf and was UGLY! I went from a cute, purple, short, kinda poofy but not to much, and actually matched my date to an UGLY brown frumpy thing! I was PISSED! I left my house for prom feeling UGLY! I cried all the way to pick up my first friend and almost crashed because I was crying so hard! And our dinner reservations got set back!! As we sat in the Japanese restaurant waiting for our chef to cook for us, and people were looking at us and smiling realizing we were goin to prom, I still felt hideous! My 2 girlfriends had on pretty dresses and me...NOT! And to make it worse, I forgot to tell the waiter I was allergic to shrimp and my food had to be cooked seperately, so after he started he had to take the food off and go get fresh food...he was pissed! And so was all the other strangers we were seated with. Then we were almost lost because I didn't have my glasses on to see street signs and stuff and it was dark already. Prom ended at 10:30(LAME) and it was about 9:20ish when we left the restaurant! Prom took place at the Yorktown(look it up, its nice) and it was like a maze getting to it! I felt really uncomfortable walking in with my cute hair, cute silver AE heels, and UGLY dress! But I stayed with the friends and tried to forget about it, but in the back of my mind I was counting down the minutes until they stopped the music, gave out the goody bags, and kicked us out! It came pretty quick and I hauled ass out of there! But on the journey back across the Cooper River Bridge my "date" turned into a douche bag! He started smoking out of nowhere, and I didn't even know he smoked...pissed me off more! Then I dropped my other friends off and went back to my house and changed, immediately! Then I took my "date" home so he could change. Then we went to meet my friends and iHop, way better than Prom! We sat in the empty Tanger Outlet parking lot and blasted music and laughed, tons of fun! Then we searched for after prom parties, my date knew a girl that was having a party so we went there and I didn't know her so I stayed downstairs with my friends, who drove behind us! And we saw kids still in dresses and tuxes super drunk! Not my thing at all, I don't smoke or drink...call me boring, it was just never my thing. My date got tipsy on like two beers, apparently he can't handle alcohol so I took him home and he was mad, and I was not going to risk driving around a drunk minor...no way! We went to a different party, with no alcohol and cooler people! And had so much fun!! I enjoyed after prom way better than the actual prom! I just regret not actually seizing senior year and not getting a dress way early! But! I don't have a time machine, and I can't hit the do over button! But thats the only thing I regret, I'll take the rest of life with a grain of salt!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-17)-(Something I'm looking forward to)

I'm looking forward to finishing college and becoming a middle school teacher! Plain and simple...just like that, its what I'm looking forward to the most! I'm not really a go to school, listen to teachers and principals with the silly rules type of person, like what they had at my school..like. No cell phones, no hats of any kind(what about a bad hair day???), pay $25 just to park on your silly little campus! And we can't even leave...at least we weren't supposed too! :) I just didn't like going from class to class and listening to boring teachers and copying notes, taking quizzes and tests, and I had..the least school spirit...EVER! I just wasn't a fan of all those crazy personalities and bi-polar teachers! And school lunch...yuckkk!! For some reason, I just hated school. But I have a feeling I will mature over the course of college and be a little more patient and tolerant. We shall see...

January 25, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-16)-(Dream House)

I don't neccesarily have a picture of my dream house but i have a visual in my head! I would like to buy a lot with my future husband and be able to pick every single detail of our home...fixxer upper! Hell-No! Tiny love shack...I think not! But i want a house that I know i designed and decorated, and even chose the fixtures and appliances, i think it would be worth it! Thats my dream house!

As far as the exterior and interior of the house...The outside I want to have a lot either on the corner or in a cul-de-sac! In a corner lot and a cul-de-sac you have a lot more space for people to park when you have barbeques and get togethers. I want a smooth drive way and a 2-door garage. I want a porch with a swing on it like when I was little so I can swing and drink sweet tea or lemonade! I want my house to be completely brick! I don't want that sucker to come down..haha! And on the inside I want...I'll just go room by room!

  • Foyer: big mirror, chandelier, fancy view of stairs, a little glass table with fresh flowers, and a cute little bench thingy-majigger!!
  • Living Room: A typical living room sofa, love seat, one person chair recliner thing! Ginormous t.v. and marble fireplace with adorable mantle. A coffee table, and end table that I totally wanna get from a thrift store or something and revamp em' and make it me/us! And its way cheaper! And I want it to have a historical/chic/laid back/european vibe!
  • Dining Room: I want it kinda safarish, with dramatic lighting, and a cute cherry wood buffett and cute pictures and wall art, that i'll probably do myself! Something bold and a little different like cheetah or zebra chairs and a gold chandelier. A jungley carpet..??
  • Kitchen: I want the kitchen to be cute, but totally functional since I love to cook! I want it to be (as wierd as it sounds) 50's diner meets modern but still with a vintagey feel! I like old things! I want a big island with an extra sink for washing veggies and stuff! I need lots of space, especially when im pissed or in a bad mood, I tend to bake alot...for no reason! So messes happen quick. I need a big ole' pantry and a half bath close by, cause I take lots of potty breaks! haha! What house doesn't have a dishwaher now-a-days?? I want all the good appliances in bright colors, like yellow and red, i want the kitchenaid mixer and alot of baking dishes and stuff. Alot of that is going to be on my registry when i get married...look out Bed Bath and Beyond!!
  • Master bedroom: I could care less what my future husband wants "our" bedroom to look like, I will not budge! But i'll compromise with his man cave area...all his!! I want a rustic native american theme/feel! Since i'm 1/2 native american I want indian art on the wall, a giant dream catcher above the bed. A totem pole lamp, and a sitting area with tribal throws and a fireplace with a t.v. over the mantle. A moccasin/suede looking bench/trunk at the end of the bed. I want it apparent of the theme without being to cheesy. And a walk in closet.
  • Master bath: I don't really care too much about the bathroom, just his/her sinks, vanity for me, shower, and #2 toilet in the little closet thing, I don't care for a tub because I hate baths...I only take showers! But if he wants it...just give me a big ass closet to store all my shoes and purses and i'm good to go!
  • Guest bedroom: I want that more nautical and vintagey! Like the white iron bed, and maybe vera bradley bedding! The white or eggshell walls and a cute little chair and white end tables, and white lamps! The other guess room won't be as bright and white, more earth tones mixed with wine colors, and more of a european theme! Most of the wall art, i'll do myself. Keep me busy..haha!
  • Man Cave: If we still live in Charleston then we'll need an attic, if we move to a different state then a basement. I don't think they build basements in SC because of the sealevel or something like that I think! But he'll have his flat screen, PS3, Xbox, but the Wii must be downstairs for me too...haha! Or we can have two of em! He'll have his little bar, mini fridge, all kinds of games, little couch and his "special" chair! Pool table, especially cause I like to play too, and whatever else will fit in the man cave! I'll even get him a little sign made to hang on the door and stuff so he can hang with his friends and I guess the other wives/girlfriends and myself will be in the kitchen making snacks and waiting for them to finish playing Madden or whatever guys do!
  • Office/Craft/Relaxation Spot: I'll defenitely have to have this for myself, because when I do crafts, I tend to get a bit messy and usually fall asleep where I am. I'm always on my laptop in bed, and whenever I get married, i'll leave my laptop in the office and never bring it to bed unless he says its ok, because if it was up to me, I could be on the laptop all night and pay him no attention :( so I guess being married, thats not good! Then again I will be a teacher, and those lesson plans won't complete themselves! :)
And I guess this is what I would SLAP in my dream house! Along with the WONDERFUL husband and the Lexus in the driveway! :) And a cute little Yorkie!!

**In a 12-Days of X-mas sing-song voice**
In a suburb on a corner LOT!!!

January 21, 2011


Does anybody know how or know of anybody that can help me make my blog prettyful!! :) I know which background template i want to use, but when copy/paste the code and try to save it it wouldn't save unless i "revert to old template" or something like that then i did save but when i tried to go back and view my blog it was nothing there except the background, no words, no NOTHING!! i need help, this is driving me insane!

p.s. i don't want to pay either! it was a free code thingy!!

btw: this is really stressin me out, im gonnaa be bald at the end of the month if this continues!

January 20, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-15)-(Bible Verse)

Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

-Ephesians 6:1

I like this scripture so much because every girl or teenager for that matter has little tifts with their parents. Even when they get on my nerves, or i get on their nerves and she'll yell at me, and i'll roll my eyes. Or as much times as she'll constantly barge in my room for nothing or call my name for nothing and if she bother's me when im tired or don't feel like being bothered and i say "leave me alone" i would NEVER cuss at, disrespect, or raise my hand to my mama or step dad. Disagreements are apart of life and people will always have them, but my mama is the one that gave me life and to disrespect her would be a major slap in the face to her, as if i don't appreciate being alive! Im a southern gal, and we just don't believe in disrespecting your elders, and my parents raised me, and my sisters wayyyy better than that! Cause in the south you don't mess with or talk about a gal's triple M's! Money...Man...and MAMA! :)

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-14)-(A Picture You ♥)

Its so many things in life i love i can't just pick A picture that i love! But if i had to picture a picture that i love, just based on the picture itself it would have to be....

I took this picture of my niece at a local park and it snapped it like this accidently. She ran to the swing before i had a chance to even say anything, and my camaera is stupid. When you turn it on, you can't just start taking pictures, you have to give it what i call "warm-up time"  then take the picture, and if you press the button to take the picture it won't take it until its good and ready!! L0l. I know...i need a new camera! But just the way she's smiling in this picture and the way she's so happy, she should be it was really cold and she begged me all that week to take her to the park, and i finally did. Even though we were only there about 15 minutes since both of our noses were running, the park is really big and under alot of trees so not even a drop of sunlight to warm you up and it was cute cute guys at the baseball field next to the park and i did NOT look my best! :( But i still love this picture, everybody did!

p.s. its a really good park, big something for everybody and not to far. And in the summer it has PERFECT shade to protect you from that Charleston heat!

January 18, 2011

24-Hour Virus!

I woke up Monday morning feeling horrible! My mom had a seminar/training/workshop thingymajigger for her job, so she didn't have the holiday off. My step dad was still asleep and i was up all alone sick and what-not! Then i had the "feeling" so i ran to the bathroom and yup...diarrhea! I was like Oh no, i've been doing so well, i haven't been sick in sooo long. Then i called my mama and she said go to her medicine cabinet and get the Pepto. By this time my step dad was already awake and watching t.v in the living room. Because it took me like 30-minutes to reach my mother. Then after i got the Pepto, i had to "go" again so i took the Pepto while i was on the toilet and no more than a minute later...Vomit! Good thing the trash can was right there, it was the most miserable feeling ever!! Then after i cleaned myself up and everything, i took the trashbag outside, got some ginger-ale and went to lay back down. I felt like i couldn't eat a thing, and my stomach hurt really bad, and so did my head. It SUCKED! I had to call out of work because i had to be to work there the next morning at 10am! I kinda had a feeling that i would throw-up again and i didn't want it in my bed of course, so i had an old Christmas can right next to my bed...just in case. And a good thing too, because i went back to sleep for a few hours and as soon as i woke up, i threw up again! So i vomitted a total of 3 times and diarrheaed?? a total of 5 times i believe! Then during the night i kept sweating, so i cracked open my window just to get some cool air! And the headache, i had a headache the just wouldn't quit!!! But i'm feeling a lot better now...but im still scared to eat, because i don't know what caused it! But, i'll be ok! It was only 24 hours...i hope!

January 17, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-13)-(Goals!)

After FOREVER of trying to decide, i think i finally decided what i want to be in life!

I want to be a middle school Social Studies teacher!
I've always loved history, im always so intrigued by movies like National Treasure and Schindler's List, Blood Diamonds, Apollo 13, Glory, Diary of Anne Frank, Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile, Roots and many other movies that give some tyoe of background on people and where they come from and how America became established.

I don't think i have the patience for pre-school and elementary school kids because they ask to many questions. They ask the SAME question over and over again! And its cute for a while but all day everyday...I don't think i could do it!
High school kids are way too grown for me, almost everybody is taller than me because im 5'2'' give or take, and most high schoolers have attitudes and they are rude sometimes and as bad as it may sound, i'd rather not get arrested for slapping some sassy teenager for disrespecting me in ways they'd probably never ever disrespect their parents!
So, i thought middle schoolers...PERFECT. Not to juvenile, but not too grown and sassy. Even though that is around the time they start to find their identity and develope raging hormones i'll be the perfect teacher to teach them that they can be mature without being disrespectful. I want to not only be an academic teacher, but a moral teacher. I want the kids to know that you don't have to lose your morals once you get to high school, that you can be a good person, a cool person without being the un-popular popular person! What i mean by that is the person thats only popular materialistically, and physically but when it comes down to personality and spirit, your a complete outcast! And we all know somebody like that!

Welp...That my goal! To sorta make a difference with pre-teens and teenagers!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-12)-(What I Believe)

I believe in the God, nothing more...nothing less!

I also believe that i can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me!

God gave his only begotten son, so that we may have eternal life!

And that prayer changes things!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-11)-(Favorite T.V Shows)

 great plots and such a brain teaser too, actually gets you thinkin!

another one with the best plots ever! most are super sad though...sucks they cancelled the series...(NOT NICE CBS)

teenagers, sex, scandals, drama...what more can you ask for!

Benson and Stabler make a good team! toss in a little Finn and you've got good t.v!

HILARIOUS! this show makes me show glad i was born in the 90s, i mean Sheneneh! c'mon this will always be funny!

a little reality mixed with not so much reality and tons of drama! LOVE! the gay guys are my favorite!

such feisty women they make for good t.v!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-10)-(Something i'm afraid of)

Its may sound wierd but sharks scare the hell outta me! I will not watch Jaws, Deep Blue Sea...NONE of that! It makes me wanna hide under my covers and never come out! It is just so scary to me, and i'm usually not a scary person. And if i just so happend to see a shark commercial or walk in on somebody watching a shark movie i'll automatically get paranoid! I;ll be too scared to use the bathroom or go in the shower or get off my bed because i think a shark is goin to get me. When i go to the beach, i never get to far in the ocean i only go knee deep, and if anybody in my family goes really far out i get extra scared and super paranoid for them!

P.S i didn't post the picture until after i typed all of this because i would be scared, and when i Google Imaged it i held the laptop almost upside down so i can barely see and just saved the first picture to get it over with...i still fully don't know what this picture looks like, and i don't care to know...Here goes nothin...

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 9)-(A Picture of my Friends)

all of us already graduated in either 2009 or 2010..me(2010) and this was after the homecoming game at Applebees! Very fun night!

at Arabian Nights during our Senior Trip to Orlando/Tampa, FL

just being silly on Folly Beach in Charleston, SC it was minda chilly and strange things happened that night!

January 14, 2011


Sorry for my absence and the delay on the 30-Day Blog Challenge!!! I just started school back on the 10th and i've been busy with work and whatnot. I'll do all the Challenges i missed hopefully tomorrow! And right now im so miserable it makes no sense, im experiencing the WORST back pains ever, i get them often and they go away after a while, but its really bad right now!! Im spending the night at my BFF's house tonight and we BOTH have school tomorrow morning and we're babysitting her baby sister and on separate laptops!! l0l. But im in too much pain to really sit here and make like 3 Blog Challenge posts, so after i get some aspirins in me TOMORROW i'll probably be as good as new! So in the meantime im gonna eat my favorite skittles which i LOVE...anybody that knows me, knows that i LOVE skittles!!! SO im gonna eat some skittles watch a comedy special and go to bed!! hopefully! TTYL!


January 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 8)-(Place I've Traveled To)

I haven't left the country....YET! But i will...Oh i will! L0l. I dream place is ROME, but thats not the question!!
I've traveled to every state in the Southeast, except West Virginia and Arkansas. I want to travel to all these places again because when i went there the first time i was young and just a passanger with my father who was a truck driver so i never really got to see anything those places had to offer, and back when i was about 8 or 9 i knew nothing about MARDI GRAS!! But now im older and im not stuck in a constantly bouncing 18-wheeling RIG! And you could never really stop and see sites since majority of the time we were on a time schedule... which SUCKED!
But i have seen the site in Georgia, North Carolina, some of Virginia and some of Florida!! L0l. Especially since i went on my Senior Trip/Grad Bash to Orlando/Tampa Florida!

I've alsoo been to California (Los Angeles, Inglewood, Barstow, Victorville, and other little LA towns like Ranchochuga?? whatever!!!) And i went to Las Vegas! My sister's husband is in the Army and they were stationed at Fort Irwin for 2 years. And the summer of 09' me and my mama went to visit and we stayed in LA for almost a week and we went to Barstow for a few day to stay with them on base for a few days because they both had to work, then her husband stayed to work and we went to Vegas for about 3 days! But i was underaged and with my mama, sister and nieces. The next time i go back im gonna be of age and with some fun friends!!

That would be all!

Stay warm kiddies.

All my love, Tiffani!!


Sorry its a tad late but i was busy...CHILLAXINN' Last night i was watchin like 3 different news channels and watching the bottom of the screen like a hawk hopin i would see that my school was closed because of the horrible weather. But it never came up so i would just wait til mornin and and hope some more. :)
I woke up about 7 something and turned straight to the news and the thingy-ma-jigger was still scrolling and i was anxiously waiting, it was scrolling in alphabetical order and my college starts with a "T" so i had a while to wait, my moms job was delayed until 7:30 so she was happy...Then as soon as it gets to the Ts a giant weather advisory pops up at the bottom with a stupid map thingy and i couldn't see anything, and by the time it went away it was on the Cs...FML! So i turned to a different channel and it was on the Ms so i waited...There it was....My school was delayed until noon, and my last class end at 11 something, so that meant NO SCHOOL FOR ME!!!! Can you tell i was happy?? L0l. So then i was like yay!! More sleep for me, so its now almost 8 and I'm about to lay back down but i reset my alarm because i still had to be to work at 3! Then i wake up about 11 or 11:30ish against my will, but good thing i did because my phone was on vibrate and my manager then called me to tell me we weren't opening today and i didn't have to come in... Can you say DOUBLE WHOO-HOO??? So i went back to sleep again but only for about 2 hours. Then i got up, tidied up my room a bit, got something to eat, watched some t.v and took a shower (which was a bad idea due to the fact i was FREEZING when i got out) only to put on jammies AGAIN when i got out and just enjoyed my day off, and NO first day of school, but i really hope they don't cancel school tomorrow because afterwards I'm supposed to meet my former(but will be again) BFF! I haven't talked to her in a really long time or for that matter seen her,, and we're supposed to meet for some lunch tomorrow so hopefully we can!

Anywho! I need to get started on my 30-Day Blog Challenge for today! It'll be up in a little while!

Stay warm kiddies!

January 9, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 7)-(Favorite Movies!)

Well i like a lot of different movies!

I LOVEEEE 80s movies! YOu know...the classics like...The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Grease(s), Ferris Bueller, Footloose, even Steel Magnolias, since it is very southern, like me! And a whole bunch of other 80s flicks! I was dfenitely born in the WRONG era! But hey, can't change it now!

This is one movie that actually made me cry(which is hard to do, im NOT a cryer.) Its so romantic, yet sad. And they were the cutest couple. After she got sick he really wanted to make her last days special, he married her and went to medical school. When she died..even though they didn't show it, it was still very sad yet heartwarming. I'll love this movie for the rest of my  LIFE!! seriously...

Yeah...this movie is a TAD cheesy, but not too much! I just love how they reconnected with each other, i must say not under the best circumstances at first but they found their friendship again after their high school graduation. And i've always had a little dream to travel crosscountry with my friends and sleep at busted motels and sing in a karaoke bar and make money to pay for the rest of our trip! It would be fun! Minus the busted motel part! Nevertheless, another favorite!

I've always loved Hrry Potter movies since they first started coming out. I remember being in about the 3rd grade and my teacher read a chapter a day from Harry Potter. By the end of the school year we were in the middle of the 4th book! Im not like a fanatic like some people are with HP clothes, jewelry, and toys and stuff. I just simply like to watch the movies!

OMG!! I could get wrapped up in Lifetime all day! ITs like one movie comes on and your like..."OH! That looks good...I'll watch some of it!" Then at the end of the movie your like "That was good, im gonna go do..." Then while the credits start to roll the preview for the movie thats coming on next comes on and your like..."OH!! That looks good, i'll just watch a little bit!" Then you end up watching the whole thing. And before you know it its almost midnight and you've watched about 4 or 5 Lifetime movies! I love it, Lifetime is my ultimate go-to on a rainy day!

I absolutely LOVE Tyler Perry movies! His movies...and Stage Plays are always hilarious with my favorite character Madea! But he still manages to have a message behind every play, movie and television show! And when there are characters that are in love it just makes my heart melt! I told myself that when i get married im goin to watch like my top 3 movies and stage plays and use bits and pieces of each one to write my vows when i get married! Of course im going to use my own feelings but some of the things the couples say are so sweet and heartfelt, how could i not! If you've never seen any of them before you should , worth every penny! And it would probably be best to brush up on your African American classic movies so most defenitely watch The Color Purple, Roots, Ike & Tina, and alot of other movies! They are really good movies and plays, and t.v shows! Before you buy the movies and stage plays it'll be best to watch the television shows on TBS! But the DVDs are good too!

Well these are my favorite movies! And im getting it in before midnight!!

What are your favorite movies???

January 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 6)-(Picture of Something That Makes Me Happy)

notice me lookin crazy in the background(at my graduation party)

If you havent guessed it yet, something that makes me smile is FAMILY! I love spending time with my family. We always have fun together, and everytime we get together we have fun, and even if something bad happens, my family will find a way to make it memorable! For example our first family reunion...It took place on Edisto Beach and me and my cousins were in the ocean screaming and playing in the water until my cousin Pooty(Sydney) screamed..."SHARKKK" we all looked and ran out of the water behind her and about 15 minutes later after we all calmed down my Aunt Lisa told us it was only dolphins! See, very memorable! There you have it!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 5)-(My Siblings)

Lets see if i can do this before midnite and make it count...

Well I only have sisters, 3 to be exact!

Brandy...the oldest and she has three kids, everyone says we look and act alike...but i don't see it!

Rasheedah, the second oldest and the mother of two girls, and also the wife of an active Army man!

Miss, the third oldest. She just turned 20 and we're the closest in age!

Brandy is 31 years old, Rasheedah is 30, Miss is 20 and im 18. Its a huge gap between B & R and Miss and I. And my mama said she named my sister Miss because when she first saw her she knew she would be a divaish person and kinda bitchy, so she gave her a name that would automatically demand respect!! I know crazyy right!! L0l. I think i did it before midnite!! YAY!!!!

January 7, 2011


I'm obsessed! I am in H-E-A-V-E-N when it somes to these shoes!

oxford flats

oxford heels
 I already have a pair of oxford heels....they're blac with wite and black plaidish detailing on the sides, they're very wintery and i have yet to wear them this winter!! CRAZY! But i did wear them last winter! I just haven't gone to the rigth event or function for them i guess! But The oxford flats i really want, and i've seen some on the target website for only $19.99!!!! I will be getting a pair after all! They have the heel too, but it very Mary Poppinsish, and the heel kinda spreads at the end and im not really feelin it, but i like the more spiked heel look! But im just bursting at the seams now that i know Target has it for only $20 bucks! They will be seeing me VERY soon! :) Thats all!

January 6, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 4)-(My Parents)

Day 4-My Parents!

Here they are, My mama Denise and my step-dad Walter. I know my dady he has been around, but I live with my mama and Walter, they have been together 15+ yrs, since i was about 3! We have little arguements here and there, but he's never tried to push being a father on me and he takes care of me and supports me and loves me as if he was my real father. My mother and real father had joint custody of me since i was about 5 or 6 and my real dad and his wife would talk about my parents and it wasn't cool and i didn;t feel loved anymore when i went to visit my dad and i wasn't comfortable anymore so when i turned 13(the legal age when you can choose to stop joint custody) i stopped goin to visit and lucky for me, but not for my love life we moved an he never knew where we live. Many people think i should have told him where we moved to but he had my cell phone number which has beenn the same since i got a cell phone he could have called ME at any time. His wife was always mean to me and i rather not have dealt with it. However as i got older i realized he is my father and i should be mature and put forth an effort. So after about 4 or 5 years of not talking or seeing him, i decided to invite him to my high school graduation, and i was actually pleasantly surprised when he showed up. And we talk now, not as much as i would like, but i guess it will just take time! And there you hav eit my parents!

P.S. I was determined to get this post up before midnite! Now to continue watching Jersey Shore(guilty pleasure)!! Whoo-hoo mission accomplished!

30-Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 3)-(1st ♥)

Caution: Very long post...But i a very good one, that i would love if you read!

Day 3: 1st Love

Well...My  1st love is this guy named Robert! I met him in elementary school in about the 3rd or 4th grade. I was new to the school and he was friendly and wanted to "show me around!" Haha! We were very young then and LOVE was the farthest things from our mind, we were more concerned about recess and art class! L0l. I quickly began to realize that he was VERY smart, he got 100's on all of his tests, while i only had 90's and 95's :( Every state registered test we took he always got advanced, while i got Proficients... :( My girlfriends and I couldn't stand him and his dorky friends! Then my mama started working at my school as the computer teacher...and HE had the BIGGEST crush on her! I would be in computer class and always catch him lookin at my mama's boobs out of the corner of my eye, him and all of his little friends had crushes on my mama, but hey he was then a 5th grade boy, so i let it past! To this very day I always tease him about liking my mama before he liked me! Haha! Fast forward out of elementary school to middle school, my mama wasn't working at my school anymore so, she was out of the picture! L0l. But, we didn't go to different middle schools because my elementary and middle school was combined and it was a charter/private school. You know what that means plaid skirts, tight oxford shirts, and knee highs! But not really, and the boys were uncomfortable in their ties and dress shoes! l0l. When middle school hit, it seemed like the girls got skankier and the boys got more aggressive! But me and Robert always kept our innocence, our friends would always pick on us that we were goody-goodies! As middle school went on, he had a crush on me and i didn't know it, then one year as school is about to end everybody is exchanging numbers, so we did too, this was the time when everybody was getting cell phones, but i had one since 4th grade, its another story how i THOUGHT i suckered my parents into giving me one! :) Anyways, we exchanged  numbers right before the summer, and I'm never in town during the summer since my mommy worked in the school system she had summers off too, so we always vacationed! But we actually talked alot during the summer, and became really good friends. When school started back up, we were practically inseparable and always ate lunch together, sat next to each other, did projects together..Everything, until people started pickin on us sayin how we were goin out, and we were young so we kinda dropped each other...i know sounds bad, but we stopped hangin out in school...Publicly, we still found time for each other, rather it was going to the "bathroom" or when everyone else was at recess! We didn't do anything nasty, we just hung out and talked and laughed. And we really got to hang out alot when we both got into the honors classes in middle school. And we got to be math partners good thing for me because i SUCK at math, and he's really GOOD at it! But I'm the English wiz! Haha! And then when we had free time, and everyone can basically do anything, we were sittin in the stairwell snackin on I cant even remember what!! It was probably Skittles for me and BBQ lays chips for him..our favorites! So as we were sitting there on the stairs talking and laughing, he kissed me! Bam! First kiss just like that, he kissed me!! It was 7th grade and my FIRST KISS! I was so shocked that i didn't even kiss him back i just look at him smiled the giggled uncontrollably! Then he kissed me again and i actually kissed back that time, then he told me he liked me..."like that!" Then the bell rang and i put on my cutest look and walk and said I'll see you in class! I did look cute if i must say so myself, no skirt! A cute little pair of gray pants, a navy blue polo shirt, and a wine colored cardigan! Those were the school colors...gray, navy blue, and wine(burgundy)! So after the kiss, we continued to talk on the phone constantly and we got to know each other better, all the personal things, like family, our wants, desires, and even the small things like favorites, likes, and dislikes! (birthday, color, food) then at the end of 7th grade he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said YES! But i don't know why the HELL we thought it would be a better relationship if we kept it a secret, but that's what we did! For the remainder of the school year it was a secret?? I still do NOT know why, it was stupid! But we continued our secret "relationship" and we went to the movies once or twice, its so different when your mama has to drop you off and pick you up! And we went to this local festival together that Charleston has every year. Then 8th grade rolled around...sigh!! And lets just say his friends and my friends weren't exactly good influences! We broke up constantly! But towards then end of the year, we realized how much we really loved each other and our relationship really grew, we just had a certain  level of comfort and trust, honesty, fun, and compassion that we had for each other! He was the only person to know my full name, birthday, and deepest secrets. With 7th grade and 8th grade that was a little over a year together!! Then the worst thing EVER happened!! My family decided to move! Even though it was only about 30 minutes away, it was about 5-minutes out of our school district, so that meant when i started high school, i had to start it at a different high school, in a COMPLETELY different district with absolutely NONE of my friends, and not even my BOYFRIEND! I was so pissed at my parents, i didn't drive yet so i knew it would be hard to see each other, and we would have to rely on talking to get by. It was OK when i first started high school, which i HATED! we talked quite a bit, but then his IB classes and sports and my Honors classes and ROTC activities caught up with us. IB is way harder than Honors and i knew it would take up more of his time, but it really took up my time, because he could just look at something once and be ready for a test, i had to make note cards, read it 2 or 3 times and actually cram! We never realized high school would be that hard, and we eventually broke up because as much as we wanted to be together we couldn't, so we broke up and it hurt me deeply. We still talked occasionally, but not as much as we used to. I was never really an emotional person, but losing the love of my life really hurt, i wouldn't say i was depressed because i still had fun, made friends and lived my life, but when i had quiet moments to myself and thought about him, and when i heard or saw something that reminded me of him i sorta fell into a slump for a while. Then he was on my mind more and more and my grades started to drop, and it just sucked! I started failing more classes and the next year, i just had regular classes and didn't even bother with Honors classes or anything. We still talked..maybe once every other moth, and it still felt GREAT to talk to him even if it was only for about 15-20 minutes! Then the calls stopped...all together and sophomore year passed...junior year passed...and finally senior year. I got a random call from him when i was walking to my car from a McDonald's after a big rival football game, i was free now that the game was over and he was free and he lived like 10 minutes away so i drove to his house and we went to the park in his neighborhood and just sat there and talked, and laughed. And of course a little kissing! :)We picked right up where we left off and i enjoyed every moment of it, it was so good to know he was thinking of me during those 2 years, and that he still loved me the way i loved him. I think that's what made me feel so much better, knowing that he still loved me the way i love him! Then we still talked more and more, and hung out alot more as well, but neither of us wanted to fully admit that we wanted to get back together! So senior year still floating along, and graduation comes and goes, and we spend alot of the summer together. Even though he changed alot from a goody-goody like me, to a weed-smoking bit of a trouble-maker, i still loved him, and he loved me back. Now, we're like best friends, that make-out from time to time. I can call him about anything and he can do the same! I talked to him about 2 days ago actually, and although NONE of my other boyfriends will ever compare to him, i really know in my heart that we'll get back together someday, it just has to be when him and I are ready at the same time, but now we're adults and we can make bigger commitments, because when we were kids we would always talk about getting married and having kids. But now we're in reality and i still see it all the same! Now we're in college and he's majoring in Science(to be an engineer) and I'm majoring in Office Technology(doctors or dentists office) but he's been talking alot about the Air Force or Army. I wouldn't mind being a military wife! L0l. But there you have it sorry its so long, but that's the story and more than you asked for about my FIRST LOVE!!

P.S. Sorry its so late, and not REALLY the 3rd day, i started this post at about 10 pm but all those emotion sorta came rushing back, and i called him and we just started talkin about the coarse of our whole relationship starting from 3rd grade! We are 10 yrs in the making! And hopefully this can all be something we can share with our kids! (fingers crossed) :) :) :)

January 4, 2011

Day 2!!-30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Meaning Behind Your Blog Name)

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name....

its sort of a play on words! like...Lifes-a-Bitch, because hey, lets face it, sometimes it really is! and sometimes it makes you feel better if you can talk about the bitchy things in your life with other people out there in "cyber space!" However, its also good to talk about all the fun and exciting things that happen in your life! So...Lifes-A-Blog! (Lifes-A-Bitch) they're are good bitches and bad bitches! :)

P.S. (sorry for the such an extensive use of the word bitch...heehee)

January 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!!

Soo... Im gonna put a pause on the whole Sponge Bob collection sale, and blog construction and hopefully i won't have to do anymore blog adjustments... But i've seen alot of other blogs where people always do the 30-Day Blog Challenge !! Sounds like fun...RIGHT! Better chance for everyone to get to know me. Possibly more followers...hummm! And these are the Daily Challenges:

Day 1: Introduction, Recent Picture, 15 interesting Facts!!
Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name..
Day 3: Your 1st love!
Day 4: Your Parents!
Day 5: Your Siblings!
Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy :)
Day 7: Favorite Movies. 8)
Day 8: A place you've traveled to!!
Day 9: A picture of your friends!
Day 10: Something you're afraid of :(
Day 11: Favorite t.v shows!
Day 12: Whaat you believe?
Day 13: Goals !!!
Day 14: A picture you love!
Day 15: Bible Verse..
Day 16: Dream house!!
Day 17: Something you're looking forward too..
Day 18: Something you regret :(
Day 19: Something you miss.
Day 20: Nicknames??
Day 21: Picture of Yourself! :)
Day 22: Favorite City :)
Day 23: Favorite Vacation!
Day 24: Something you've learned??
Day 25: Put iTunes on shuffle...1st 10 songs!
Day 26: Picture of your family
Day 27: Pets.
Day 28: Something that stresses you out!

Day 29: 3 Wishes!
Day 30: a picture!
I have faith that i'm gonna finish it! And since im startin it on January 3, 2011 and I should be finished with the 30-Day Blog Challenge on... February 2, 2011. Welp...

Day 1: Intro, Recent Picture, and 15 Interesting Facts!
Im Tiffani. I live in the historical Charleston, South Carolina! I love going downtown because i have a soft spot for history at its finest, and Charleston is filled with history. Im 18 years old. I live with my parents. I attend a local college and im majoring in Office System Technology, working in a medical, dental or law office...easy...Right??? I sure hope so. I have a slight scary obsession with purses. I am a bit of a procrastinator. And i can't think of anything else without giving away my 15 interesting facts...

notice the spongebob in the background... :)

Interesting Facts:
1. When i was in about 2nd or 3rd grade i changed the spelling of my name from Tiffany to Tiffani!! :)
2. As some can probably tell im a bit nocturnal! I do everything late at night..idk why!
3. My absolute favorite color is YELLOW i just love it!
4. I got my first job when i was 15 and have had 5 since then, im now on my 6th and i like it and i've been at Old Navy since Oct. I think I'm gonna be there a while! I hope at least.
5. I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew!
6. My lucky number is 13!! And the reson why is because when i was in elementary school we would get in alphabethical order and be assigned a number for the rest of the year going in numerical/alphabetical for things like role call, getting report cards, class moniter stuff like that and my last name is Palmer...and in a class of about 18-20, in grades 3-7 i was alwayss 13! So then it just became my LUCKY #!
7. When i was little i wanted to be a pediatrician...but then i watched medical shows and if babies are born with medical problem they have to give them shots, and make them cry and it was hard to watch. So, lets say that dream went wayyy out the window!
8. I am the youngest of four girls!
9. I will eat fish, but i HATE any other type of seafood. Shrimp, crab, scallops all of that. And people think im wierd...
10. I love to eat a pint of Birthday Cake ice cream and cheetos puffs...together and watch comedy movies from the 90s with my best friend! And don't judge me it really is a good combonation! Haha!
11. I love to take naps in tight, comfy spaces, such as almost under my bed, under my coffe table or in the corner of my bed on the wall... L0l.
12. I have what some may call road rage...I speed, sometimes cut people off, i have ACCIDENTLY ran a few red lights, and turn corners very sharply and my parking SUCKS! I really don't know how i got my license, but i did! :)
13. In highschool, I slept in just about every class and still managed to pass...I guess its true you do retain more information while asleep.
14. I was thisclose to being nominated Friendliest as a senior superlative, but i was out sick for 2 days when evrybody was "campaining" and voting! :(
15. I hate UNAUTHENTIC italian food!! But i love Chinese, Greek, Jamaican, Italian, Soul, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, and African food! Im very diverse! l0l.

January 1, 2011

Blackberry ♥

This is the phone i've been dreaming of! I want this phone soooooooooooo bad! I was hoping for it on Christmas and it didnt happen so i was sorta being a brat! and i was one pissed off girl on Christmas! I went to bed and moped then fell asleep for hours! Me, my mama, my step-dad, and my sister are all on a family plan and we're eligible for upgrades at different times, and my step-dad NEVER uses his upgrade so i wanted to use his! I could get the phone a whole lot faster if i got my own plan...but that aint happenin! Old Navy don't pay THAT much! I'm not eligible for my upgrade until February... :( So i guess i'll have to wait until then to upgrade from this...


We'll see!!