January 25, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-16)-(Dream House)

I don't neccesarily have a picture of my dream house but i have a visual in my head! I would like to buy a lot with my future husband and be able to pick every single detail of our home...fixxer upper! Hell-No! Tiny love shack...I think not! But i want a house that I know i designed and decorated, and even chose the fixtures and appliances, i think it would be worth it! Thats my dream house!

As far as the exterior and interior of the house...The outside I want to have a lot either on the corner or in a cul-de-sac! In a corner lot and a cul-de-sac you have a lot more space for people to park when you have barbeques and get togethers. I want a smooth drive way and a 2-door garage. I want a porch with a swing on it like when I was little so I can swing and drink sweet tea or lemonade! I want my house to be completely brick! I don't want that sucker to come down..haha! And on the inside I want...I'll just go room by room!

  • Foyer: big mirror, chandelier, fancy view of stairs, a little glass table with fresh flowers, and a cute little bench thingy-majigger!!
  • Living Room: A typical living room sofa, love seat, one person chair recliner thing! Ginormous t.v. and marble fireplace with adorable mantle. A coffee table, and end table that I totally wanna get from a thrift store or something and revamp em' and make it me/us! And its way cheaper! And I want it to have a historical/chic/laid back/european vibe!
  • Dining Room: I want it kinda safarish, with dramatic lighting, and a cute cherry wood buffett and cute pictures and wall art, that i'll probably do myself! Something bold and a little different like cheetah or zebra chairs and a gold chandelier. A jungley carpet..??
  • Kitchen: I want the kitchen to be cute, but totally functional since I love to cook! I want it to be (as wierd as it sounds) 50's diner meets modern but still with a vintagey feel! I like old things! I want a big island with an extra sink for washing veggies and stuff! I need lots of space, especially when im pissed or in a bad mood, I tend to bake alot...for no reason! So messes happen quick. I need a big ole' pantry and a half bath close by, cause I take lots of potty breaks! haha! What house doesn't have a dishwaher now-a-days?? I want all the good appliances in bright colors, like yellow and red, i want the kitchenaid mixer and alot of baking dishes and stuff. Alot of that is going to be on my registry when i get married...look out Bed Bath and Beyond!!
  • Master bedroom: I could care less what my future husband wants "our" bedroom to look like, I will not budge! But i'll compromise with his man cave area...all his!! I want a rustic native american theme/feel! Since i'm 1/2 native american I want indian art on the wall, a giant dream catcher above the bed. A totem pole lamp, and a sitting area with tribal throws and a fireplace with a t.v. over the mantle. A moccasin/suede looking bench/trunk at the end of the bed. I want it apparent of the theme without being to cheesy. And a walk in closet.
  • Master bath: I don't really care too much about the bathroom, just his/her sinks, vanity for me, shower, and #2 toilet in the little closet thing, I don't care for a tub because I hate baths...I only take showers! But if he wants it...just give me a big ass closet to store all my shoes and purses and i'm good to go!
  • Guest bedroom: I want that more nautical and vintagey! Like the white iron bed, and maybe vera bradley bedding! The white or eggshell walls and a cute little chair and white end tables, and white lamps! The other guess room won't be as bright and white, more earth tones mixed with wine colors, and more of a european theme! Most of the wall art, i'll do myself. Keep me busy..haha!
  • Man Cave: If we still live in Charleston then we'll need an attic, if we move to a different state then a basement. I don't think they build basements in SC because of the sealevel or something like that I think! But he'll have his flat screen, PS3, Xbox, but the Wii must be downstairs for me too...haha! Or we can have two of em! He'll have his little bar, mini fridge, all kinds of games, little couch and his "special" chair! Pool table, especially cause I like to play too, and whatever else will fit in the man cave! I'll even get him a little sign made to hang on the door and stuff so he can hang with his friends and I guess the other wives/girlfriends and myself will be in the kitchen making snacks and waiting for them to finish playing Madden or whatever guys do!
  • Office/Craft/Relaxation Spot: I'll defenitely have to have this for myself, because when I do crafts, I tend to get a bit messy and usually fall asleep where I am. I'm always on my laptop in bed, and whenever I get married, i'll leave my laptop in the office and never bring it to bed unless he says its ok, because if it was up to me, I could be on the laptop all night and pay him no attention :( so I guess being married, thats not good! Then again I will be a teacher, and those lesson plans won't complete themselves! :)
And I guess this is what I would SLAP in my dream house! Along with the WONDERFUL husband and the Lexus in the driveway! :) And a cute little Yorkie!!

**In a 12-Days of X-mas sing-song voice**
In a suburb on a corner LOT!!!


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  2. i have no idea why it wouldn't...that sucks!!