January 18, 2011

24-Hour Virus!

I woke up Monday morning feeling horrible! My mom had a seminar/training/workshop thingymajigger for her job, so she didn't have the holiday off. My step dad was still asleep and i was up all alone sick and what-not! Then i had the "feeling" so i ran to the bathroom and yup...diarrhea! I was like Oh no, i've been doing so well, i haven't been sick in sooo long. Then i called my mama and she said go to her medicine cabinet and get the Pepto. By this time my step dad was already awake and watching t.v in the living room. Because it took me like 30-minutes to reach my mother. Then after i got the Pepto, i had to "go" again so i took the Pepto while i was on the toilet and no more than a minute later...Vomit! Good thing the trash can was right there, it was the most miserable feeling ever!! Then after i cleaned myself up and everything, i took the trashbag outside, got some ginger-ale and went to lay back down. I felt like i couldn't eat a thing, and my stomach hurt really bad, and so did my head. It SUCKED! I had to call out of work because i had to be to work there the next morning at 10am! I kinda had a feeling that i would throw-up again and i didn't want it in my bed of course, so i had an old Christmas can right next to my bed...just in case. And a good thing too, because i went back to sleep for a few hours and as soon as i woke up, i threw up again! So i vomitted a total of 3 times and diarrheaed?? a total of 5 times i believe! Then during the night i kept sweating, so i cracked open my window just to get some cool air! And the headache, i had a headache the just wouldn't quit!!! But i'm feeling a lot better now...but im still scared to eat, because i don't know what caused it! But, i'll be ok! It was only 24 hours...i hope!

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