January 1, 2011

Blackberry ♥

This is the phone i've been dreaming of! I want this phone soooooooooooo bad! I was hoping for it on Christmas and it didnt happen so i was sorta being a brat! and i was one pissed off girl on Christmas! I went to bed and moped then fell asleep for hours! Me, my mama, my step-dad, and my sister are all on a family plan and we're eligible for upgrades at different times, and my step-dad NEVER uses his upgrade so i wanted to use his! I could get the phone a whole lot faster if i got my own plan...but that aint happenin! Old Navy don't pay THAT much! I'm not eligible for my upgrade until February... :( So i guess i'll have to wait until then to upgrade from this...


We'll see!!

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