January 31, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-27)-(Pets?)

...I have no pets, hate to say. Besides the few goldfish as a kid. I had a puppy when I lived in the country, but I don't know what breed he was. I just remember I named him Mister. He was black. He was tiny. And he would guard the back door...that nobdy used! But when somebody would walk back there, he would chase them to the front...silly dog. He got hit by an 18 wheeler...I miss that dog!

I still live with my parents, but when I get my own place in about a year or 2, i want to save up more for a terrier of some sort!
Either a Yorkie, or a West Highland! But in Charleston they're like almost $800! Thats alot of saving!

Hopefully, it'll be a housewarming present:)

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