January 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 8)-(Place I've Traveled To)

I haven't left the country....YET! But i will...Oh i will! L0l. I dream place is ROME, but thats not the question!!
I've traveled to every state in the Southeast, except West Virginia and Arkansas. I want to travel to all these places again because when i went there the first time i was young and just a passanger with my father who was a truck driver so i never really got to see anything those places had to offer, and back when i was about 8 or 9 i knew nothing about MARDI GRAS!! But now im older and im not stuck in a constantly bouncing 18-wheeling RIG! And you could never really stop and see sites since majority of the time we were on a time schedule... which SUCKED!
But i have seen the site in Georgia, North Carolina, some of Virginia and some of Florida!! L0l. Especially since i went on my Senior Trip/Grad Bash to Orlando/Tampa Florida!

I've alsoo been to California (Los Angeles, Inglewood, Barstow, Victorville, and other little LA towns like Ranchochuga?? whatever!!!) And i went to Las Vegas! My sister's husband is in the Army and they were stationed at Fort Irwin for 2 years. And the summer of 09' me and my mama went to visit and we stayed in LA for almost a week and we went to Barstow for a few day to stay with them on base for a few days because they both had to work, then her husband stayed to work and we went to Vegas for about 3 days! But i was underaged and with my mama, sister and nieces. The next time i go back im gonna be of age and with some fun friends!!

That would be all!

Stay warm kiddies.

All my love, Tiffani!!

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