March 4, 2012

Sicky Vicky :(

Since I'm such a loser when it comes to blog challenges...No, no, let's face it..I suck. I always seem to fall short, or blog challenges. Well, since that challenges didn't work out I guess I'll stick to normal posts. And right now I am battling an awful combination of a cold and the dreaded...ALLERGIES. Its that time of year again, when the pesky little pollen wants to poke his ugly little head out and taunt me, my nose, my eyes, and my throat. At night I've been waking up in night sweats. Not cool. And I am NOT a fan of cold medicine so every time I have to take it, its like pulling teeth. Then there's the allergy medicine, which makes me extremely sleepy. I fell asleep, on my face on the floor...half dressed. My mom was in the room as well and just let me lay there, almost dead like. Nice huh? Then I woke up about an hour later because my mom was on the computer checking her email and talking on the phone all loud and what not, so of course it woke me up. I had drool all over my face and much info? Sorry. My nose is running like a faucet right now as I type this, and I have to work tomorrow morning at 8, so I hope this goes away soon. I ALSO had my wallet stolen from my purse, while I was at work, from inside the break room. Crazy s**t huh? I was SUPER pissed, I'm still pissed and I'll explain it all later...when theres not so much fluid leakin from my nostrils...too much? Sorry.

 Peace & Love