January 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 6)-(Picture of Something That Makes Me Happy)

notice me lookin crazy in the background(at my graduation party)

If you havent guessed it yet, something that makes me smile is FAMILY! I love spending time with my family. We always have fun together, and everytime we get together we have fun, and even if something bad happens, my family will find a way to make it memorable! For example our first family reunion...It took place on Edisto Beach and me and my cousins were in the ocean screaming and playing in the water until my cousin Pooty(Sydney) screamed..."SHARKKK" we all looked and ran out of the water behind her and about 15 minutes later after we all calmed down my Aunt Lisa told us it was only dolphins! See, very memorable! There you have it!

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