January 28, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-23)-(Favorite Vacation)

My favorite vacation was to California & Vegas! During the summer of 2009, my sister's husband was stationed at Fort Irwin and they had to move to the middle of the Mohave Desert! At first they hated it, then they grew to like it! We went to visit and stayed in L.A for a few days, then we went to stay on base with them for a few days because they both had to go back to work, then we went to Vegas for a few more days! We took so many pictures, but when we got back to SC our computer had a virus and wiped our whole computer clean, all the pictures...GONE! I was upset because I didn't get around to saving the picture to my flash drive yet! But hey, even though they are back on the East coast now, we're going back next year, because we have alot of family there! So we'll remember to save the picture that time! Even though there is no evidence, that was my favorite vacation!

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