August 29, 2011


I am alive guys. I know I suck at this blogging thing, I've been thinking of just giving up on this blog thing. But just to let you all know what I've been doing since my last post, I'll make a whole new post later tonight. Its gonna be quite a long post. So prepare yourselves. :)

Peace and Love

August 3, 2011

Not all its cracked up to be...

This is going to be a SUPER short post. I just wanted to write it really quickly to let you all know I'm still alive! Well today(Tuesday) my friend Bryn and I went to the new Trader Joe's in Mount Pleasant. We were pretty excited but, it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But I do have a new FAVORITE beverage that i'll enlighten you all on when I'm not so... I don't know... BARELY AWAKE! :)

Sweet dreams to those already sleep or about to go to sleep! :)

Peace & Love!