January 29, 2011

Oh My-Lanta!!

Nobody ever told me this blogging thing would be this difficult! I can't win with the whole template/background thing. The first couple of months I had to use the Blogger templates and backgrounds, which I DO NOT like. I also downloaded a template from this site. Out of the...maybe TEN templates I sorta liked that I downloaded, only ONE worked and I didn't really care for it too much anyway. I wanted something pretty from either shabbyblogs.com or cutestblogontheblock. com but if I just tried to copy and paste the code, it DIDN'T work! Then I finally found a way for it to copy and paste a code so it would work. I had to go to "Revert to Classic Template" and then choose "Pick Classic Template"   and I get one of the Minima Templates and then I go to "Edit HTML" and paste the code and it works...but people can't follow me or anything, all they can see is my About Me, Previous Posts, and Archives! I didn't even know it until Ashley of Texas Prep brought it to my attention! Thanks, btw! This sucks! I need help...somebody please tell me what I need to do! This gives me the biggest headache. I would love to have more followers..but guess what...People can't follow me!! I've been playing around with it for hours, trying to get it how I like it and without messing up the Page Elements...this is pissing me off so I'm out of here...

If anybody knows how to help me, please just email me at tiffaniblogs@yahoo.com , or leave a comment!

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