January 7, 2011


I'm obsessed! I am in H-E-A-V-E-N when it somes to these shoes!

oxford flats

oxford heels
 I already have a pair of oxford heels....they're blac with wite and black plaidish detailing on the sides, they're very wintery and i have yet to wear them this winter!! CRAZY! But i did wear them last winter! I just haven't gone to the rigth event or function for them i guess! But The oxford flats i really want, and i've seen some on the target website for only $19.99!!!! I will be getting a pair after all! They have the heel too, but it very Mary Poppinsish, and the heel kinda spreads at the end and im not really feelin it, but i like the more spiked heel look! But im just bursting at the seams now that i know Target has it for only $20 bucks! They will be seeing me VERY soon! :) Thats all!

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