March 27, 2011

Giveaways, Rants, Updates & Life! {sigh...}

First thangs first... a GIVEAWAY! A giveaway for a monogrammed mug from sweet ole' Ashley over at Texas Prep! I'm really gunning for this one! l0l!

I'm specifically gunning for the Yellow mug with the stainless steel lid! I LOVE yellow!

Ya'll can also follow her on twitter @ashlauren85!

Now rants! I went to the movies with my friend that I haven't seen in a while even though we live 10 minutes away from each other! L0l!

But we saw...

Battle L.A and it was AMAZING! Oh My GOSH! Those Marines had so much heart! Spoiler Alert: The group of soldiers had already lost so many men when looking for civilians and the alien things were killing them off. It took down a whole chopper with wounded soldiers! And it killed the virgin before know? They went from about 20 something men to the very end with just SIX! The leader of the group died as well, but the other soldiers had TWO opportunities to go to the safety area but they stayed behind and fought! That's heart, because I hate to say...well type! My ass would have been long gone! L0l! However, on a more serious note, a movie like that with GORGEOUS men like that makes me appreciate more and more what my brother-in-law does (especially when he gets deployed AGAIN in August) and what my dad did! I appreciate all our military people for their service:)

I worked a long shift today, but I need my money for D.C! I'm still super excited, I can't wait!

OMGeee! I'm officially addicted to Hawaii 5-0 thanks to Sweet Tea Diaries :) But my usual shows that I've been kinda lacking on lately are Glee and Pretty Little Liars! But, a week or so ago, PLL had a marathon and I set my DVR and watched to rest of the season and the finale...What a cliffhanger??? I'm ready to find out who A is and where the heck did Ian go? Can't wait for the next season to start in May or June or whenever! As as Glee, my mom deleted the last episode, the one after the Original Songs(Best episode thus far...maybe), so I don't know what happened! I was upset when I found out she cancelled my episode so it could record Jeopardy and some western for her! FML! So somebody help me out! And my other faves on TV...Dancing With The Stars! My favorite dancers are...

Ralph & Karina: He was sooooo good, I wasn't expecting it and that's what made me like him so much! I guess Mr. Miyagi taught him well!

Kendra & Louis: Also in my top 3 i don't even care about the dancing, I just LOVE Kendra, she's so fun and pretty, and that baby of hers is soooo darn cute! And she loves her booty shankin! L0l!

Kirstie & Max: WOW! I mean of course she's not the best dancer ever...but she is trying incredibly hard, she looks REALLY good for 60! And after her weight issues and depression in the past she looked like she was genuinely have a GOOD time! When she danced she had so much personality and liveliness! top 3!

Romeo & Chelsie: okay...Romeo is FINE first off! And he's WAY better than his dad, and I think he'll do pretty good once he gets those hips a movin! I love them together...wink wink! Very cute couple in the future.

Chelsea & Mark: she's so cute and I think she's pretty good! i tend to like alot of the Disney kids! L0l!

Hines & Kym: Omigosh! He's so good, and extremely cute, and he does have a nice butt! L0l! The athletes always tend to be very good. Makin a comeback after that Superbowl loss! Definitely in my top 3!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty! The WORST! I love her show! but her dancing...

Wendy Williams! She was horrible! I'll give her that she had personality and she was having fun...but she has no rhythm, two left feet, off beat and just NOT GOOD! She should really stick to gossip, not dancing!

Until next time...

Peace & Love

March 20, 2011

Oopsies...{I've been a BAD blogger}

Whose been a bad blogger lately...**this girl**!!

With spring break and work and family & friends, I got a little sidetracked!

So here's what I've been up to since I last blogged!

-Spring Break started! {Whoo-hoo!!!}

-so did the pollen and the sneezes, watery eyes, and itchy eyes and throat! {booooo}

-I went to spend some time with my aunt!

-I worked...

-I spent money I shouldn't have spent! :[

-I was down with a tummy ache!

-I got to spend time with one of my FAVORITE cousins...M and she told me everything about her current journey of her pledging a sorority... Delta Sigma Theta Inc, one of the most famous and influential African American sororities! She'll be sort of "crossing-over" or being "introduced" in front of family and friends on April 8th and I can't wait to be there! Especially the big party afterwards that she invited me too! Her sorority has "brothers!" They are widely affiliated with another famous African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi a.k.a the Q-Dogs in their purple and gold, with their loud chants and steps! Most Q's are FINE and I can't wait to party with them! ; )

-My baby cousin Brook turns 1 on the 28th! And her parents are throwing this big party for her in Charlotte on April 2nd! Can't wait!

-The biggest news of all, even though my Spring Break was this week, April 28-May 3rd me and my family are going to D.C! I'm gonna knock on the White House doors and see if the President answers his own door...L0l! Then we're gonna go to alot of museums and stuff which I'm super excited about since I love history and culture and art and everything else! My mama really wants to see Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat(she's weird like that)! And D one of my really good friends from elementary AND middle school goes to Howard University in D.C and he says he's gonna show me the sites too and take me to the YOUNG hot spots! I'm super excited, I can't wait!

-So I have to take off April 1 & 2 for my baby cousin's birthday party in Charlotte, April 8 for my cousins introduction ceremony and the big AFTER PARTY in Orangeburg! And I have to take off April 28-May 3rd for D.C! That's alot of days! That's like 9 days! Pretty darn close to 2 weeks! I also have to save alot of my money! This is going to be a challenge!

If anyone knows of any really good places to visit while in D.C please let me know! Also, stuff for kids because my nieces will be there also and they're 10 & 11!

Now that your caught up, I'm off to get my clothes from the dryer and tidy my room a bit, then off to the mall!!! :)

Peace & Love

March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! 3/2/11

So, I'm currently typing at WARP speed to get this posted before WEDNESDAY officially is over here on the East coast. So...on to what I'm loving...

1. I'm Loving my NEWLY re-dyed hair, I usually get it dyed a brown-goldish tone, but this time I went with a brownish-red (auburn) color!

2. I'm also loving my NEW Blackberry, I feel so important when I have phone calls and text messages on my Berry! Lol. .

3. I'm REALLY loving that me an my girls are gonna take a little mini-roadtrip down to Savannah, GA for the St. Patricks day festival/parade/event! We said we're gonna "pee green" which we can't do since we're underage! Lol! But hey, we can dream!

4. I'm also really loving all the cute things that I got from Charleston's NEW Forever 21! I've been wanting to go since it opened but I knew for the first whole month it was crazy packed. So I waited until Monday and I went with one of my best friends Kee and got 15 things for about $90! It wasn't even packed, but I did get a $14.00 parking citation:( I was so concerned with my bad parallel parking that I didn't even notice the parking meter...oops! :(

5. I'm also loving THREE very cool giveaways from 3 very nice ladies!

And i think this is about all I'm loving today....

OH YEAH! And our new Wii!
Now that's all! :)

p.s. whoo-hoo I made it before "Thursday" with 7 minutes to spare! (its 11:53pm in case you were wondering)