January 28, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-18)-(Something I Regret)

I really don't have a major regret. But if it had to be anything, as much as I hated school. I wish I was more active during my Senior year. I did the senior activities....Halloween Hoot, Senior Breakfasts(Chick-fil-A[Our Sponsor, its directly across the street], and Shoney's[Chick-fil-a in Oct & Shoney's in Feb]), T-Shirts(short & long sleeve) [and the short sleeve had the entire senior class names on it, and the long sleeve had our actual signatures], Easter Egg Hunt, Senior Luncheon! I even went on the senior trip, which was good throughout, but ended badly! It ended badly due to us waking up late and me being the last one in the shower, and my hair was in all kinds of directions. And when I was in the shower my roomates left me and the chapperone was like everybody was waiting on ME and my suitcase wasn't even packed! And when I got to the buses we still had to wait for other people, that chapperone pissed me off! LIAR! And I got a seat next to a smelly guy! At the first stop, I switched! Then Prom...what a disaster! My hairdresser took forever, si I was running late. I had to pick up THREE other people! 2 of my girlfriends and my supposed "date" I finally got home, good thing I took a shower before I left...then as I'm getting ready my DRESS RIPS!! The zipper just rips..I was so devasted! I felt really really fat of course! So all 3 of my friends are calling me wondering where I am, and how far away I am! I had to resort to an ugly brown dress I had to wear in my cousins wedding! And it stopped in the middle of my calf and was UGLY! I went from a cute, purple, short, kinda poofy but not to much, and actually matched my date to an UGLY brown frumpy thing! I was PISSED! I left my house for prom feeling UGLY! I cried all the way to pick up my first friend and almost crashed because I was crying so hard! And our dinner reservations got set back!! As we sat in the Japanese restaurant waiting for our chef to cook for us, and people were looking at us and smiling realizing we were goin to prom, I still felt hideous! My 2 girlfriends had on pretty dresses and me...NOT! And to make it worse, I forgot to tell the waiter I was allergic to shrimp and my food had to be cooked seperately, so after he started he had to take the food off and go get fresh food...he was pissed! And so was all the other strangers we were seated with. Then we were almost lost because I didn't have my glasses on to see street signs and stuff and it was dark already. Prom ended at 10:30(LAME) and it was about 9:20ish when we left the restaurant! Prom took place at the Yorktown(look it up, its nice) and it was like a maze getting to it! I felt really uncomfortable walking in with my cute hair, cute silver AE heels, and UGLY dress! But I stayed with the friends and tried to forget about it, but in the back of my mind I was counting down the minutes until they stopped the music, gave out the goody bags, and kicked us out! It came pretty quick and I hauled ass out of there! But on the journey back across the Cooper River Bridge my "date" turned into a douche bag! He started smoking out of nowhere, and I didn't even know he smoked...pissed me off more! Then I dropped my other friends off and went back to my house and changed, immediately! Then I took my "date" home so he could change. Then we went to meet my friends and iHop, way better than Prom! We sat in the empty Tanger Outlet parking lot and blasted music and laughed, tons of fun! Then we searched for after prom parties, my date knew a girl that was having a party so we went there and I didn't know her so I stayed downstairs with my friends, who drove behind us! And we saw kids still in dresses and tuxes super drunk! Not my thing at all, I don't smoke or drink...call me boring, it was just never my thing. My date got tipsy on like two beers, apparently he can't handle alcohol so I took him home and he was mad, and I was not going to risk driving around a drunk minor...no way! We went to a different party, with no alcohol and cooler people! And had so much fun!! I enjoyed after prom way better than the actual prom! I just regret not actually seizing senior year and not getting a dress way early! But! I don't have a time machine, and I can't hit the do over button! But thats the only thing I regret, I'll take the rest of life with a grain of salt!

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