January 14, 2011


Sorry for my absence and the delay on the 30-Day Blog Challenge!!! I just started school back on the 10th and i've been busy with work and whatnot. I'll do all the Challenges i missed hopefully tomorrow! And right now im so miserable it makes no sense, im experiencing the WORST back pains ever, i get them often and they go away after a while, but its really bad right now!! Im spending the night at my BFF's house tonight and we BOTH have school tomorrow morning and we're babysitting her baby sister and on separate laptops!! l0l. But im in too much pain to really sit here and make like 3 Blog Challenge posts, so after i get some aspirins in me TOMORROW i'll probably be as good as new! So in the meantime im gonna eat my favorite skittles which i LOVE...anybody that knows me, knows that i LOVE skittles!!! SO im gonna eat some skittles watch a comedy special and go to bed!! hopefully! TTYL!


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