January 17, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-13)-(Goals!)

After FOREVER of trying to decide, i think i finally decided what i want to be in life!

I want to be a middle school Social Studies teacher!
I've always loved history, im always so intrigued by movies like National Treasure and Schindler's List, Blood Diamonds, Apollo 13, Glory, Diary of Anne Frank, Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile, Roots and many other movies that give some tyoe of background on people and where they come from and how America became established.

I don't think i have the patience for pre-school and elementary school kids because they ask to many questions. They ask the SAME question over and over again! And its cute for a while but all day everyday...I don't think i could do it!
High school kids are way too grown for me, almost everybody is taller than me because im 5'2'' give or take, and most high schoolers have attitudes and they are rude sometimes and as bad as it may sound, i'd rather not get arrested for slapping some sassy teenager for disrespecting me in ways they'd probably never ever disrespect their parents!
So, i thought middle schoolers...PERFECT. Not to juvenile, but not too grown and sassy. Even though that is around the time they start to find their identity and develope raging hormones i'll be the perfect teacher to teach them that they can be mature without being disrespectful. I want to not only be an academic teacher, but a moral teacher. I want the kids to know that you don't have to lose your morals once you get to high school, that you can be a good person, a cool person without being the un-popular popular person! What i mean by that is the person thats only popular materialistically, and physically but when it comes down to personality and spirit, your a complete outcast! And we all know somebody like that!

Welp...That my goal! To sorta make a difference with pre-teens and teenagers!

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