January 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 5)-(My Siblings)

Lets see if i can do this before midnite and make it count...

Well I only have sisters, 3 to be exact!

Brandy...the oldest and she has three kids, everyone says we look and act alike...but i don't see it!

Rasheedah, the second oldest and the mother of two girls, and also the wife of an active Army man!

Miss, the third oldest. She just turned 20 and we're the closest in age!

Brandy is 31 years old, Rasheedah is 30, Miss is 20 and im 18. Its a huge gap between B & R and Miss and I. And my mama said she named my sister Miss because when she first saw her she knew she would be a divaish person and kinda bitchy, so she gave her a name that would automatically demand respect!! I know crazyy right!! L0l. I think i did it before midnite!! YAY!!!!

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