January 20, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-14)-(A Picture You ♥)

Its so many things in life i love i can't just pick A picture that i love! But if i had to picture a picture that i love, just based on the picture itself it would have to be....

I took this picture of my niece at a local park and it snapped it like this accidently. She ran to the swing before i had a chance to even say anything, and my camaera is stupid. When you turn it on, you can't just start taking pictures, you have to give it what i call "warm-up time"  then take the picture, and if you press the button to take the picture it won't take it until its good and ready!! L0l. I know...i need a new camera! But just the way she's smiling in this picture and the way she's so happy, she should be it was really cold and she begged me all that week to take her to the park, and i finally did. Even though we were only there about 15 minutes since both of our noses were running, the park is really big and under alot of trees so not even a drop of sunlight to warm you up and it was cute cute guys at the baseball field next to the park and i did NOT look my best! :( But i still love this picture, everybody did!

p.s. its a really good park, big something for everybody and not to far. And in the summer it has PERFECT shade to protect you from that Charleston heat!

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