January 17, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-10)-(Something i'm afraid of)

Its may sound wierd but sharks scare the hell outta me! I will not watch Jaws, Deep Blue Sea...NONE of that! It makes me wanna hide under my covers and never come out! It is just so scary to me, and i'm usually not a scary person. And if i just so happend to see a shark commercial or walk in on somebody watching a shark movie i'll automatically get paranoid! I;ll be too scared to use the bathroom or go in the shower or get off my bed because i think a shark is goin to get me. When i go to the beach, i never get to far in the ocean i only go knee deep, and if anybody in my family goes really far out i get extra scared and super paranoid for them!

P.S i didn't post the picture until after i typed all of this because i would be scared, and when i Google Imaged it i held the laptop almost upside down so i can barely see and just saved the first picture to get it over with...i still fully don't know what this picture looks like, and i don't care to know...Here goes nothin...

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