January 9, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 7)-(Favorite Movies!)

Well i like a lot of different movies!

I LOVEEEE 80s movies! YOu know...the classics like...The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Grease(s), Ferris Bueller, Footloose, even Steel Magnolias, since it is very southern, like me! And a whole bunch of other 80s flicks! I was dfenitely born in the WRONG era! But hey, can't change it now!

This is one movie that actually made me cry(which is hard to do, im NOT a cryer.) Its so romantic, yet sad. And they were the cutest couple. After she got sick he really wanted to make her last days special, he married her and went to medical school. When she died..even though they didn't show it, it was still very sad yet heartwarming. I'll love this movie for the rest of my  LIFE!! seriously...

Yeah...this movie is a TAD cheesy, but not too much! I just love how they reconnected with each other, i must say not under the best circumstances at first but they found their friendship again after their high school graduation. And i've always had a little dream to travel crosscountry with my friends and sleep at busted motels and sing in a karaoke bar and make money to pay for the rest of our trip! It would be fun! Minus the busted motel part! Nevertheless, another favorite!

I've always loved Hrry Potter movies since they first started coming out. I remember being in about the 3rd grade and my teacher read a chapter a day from Harry Potter. By the end of the school year we were in the middle of the 4th book! Im not like a fanatic like some people are with HP clothes, jewelry, and toys and stuff. I just simply like to watch the movies!

OMG!! I could get wrapped up in Lifetime all day! ITs like one movie comes on and your like..."OH! That looks good...I'll watch some of it!" Then at the end of the movie your like "That was good, im gonna go do..." Then while the credits start to roll the preview for the movie thats coming on next comes on and your like..."OH!! That looks good, i'll just watch a little bit!" Then you end up watching the whole thing. And before you know it its almost midnight and you've watched about 4 or 5 Lifetime movies! I love it, Lifetime is my ultimate go-to on a rainy day!

I absolutely LOVE Tyler Perry movies! His movies...and Stage Plays are always hilarious with my favorite character Madea! But he still manages to have a message behind every play, movie and television show! And when there are characters that are in love it just makes my heart melt! I told myself that when i get married im goin to watch like my top 3 movies and stage plays and use bits and pieces of each one to write my vows when i get married! Of course im going to use my own feelings but some of the things the couples say are so sweet and heartfelt, how could i not! If you've never seen any of them before you should , worth every penny! And it would probably be best to brush up on your African American classic movies so most defenitely watch The Color Purple, Roots, Ike & Tina, and alot of other movies! They are really good movies and plays, and t.v shows! Before you buy the movies and stage plays it'll be best to watch the television shows on TBS! But the DVDs are good too!

Well these are my favorite movies! And im getting it in before midnight!!

What are your favorite movies???

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