December 10, 2010

:( :( :(

Even though i didn't plan on bloggin today, i felt it was VERY neccesary! I graduate from high school in the class of 2010. And this morning I woke up shoked to find out that a friend of mine, who was a year under me(now a senior) was dead. Sometime last night he commited suicide, and hung himself. And his brother came to wake him up for school and found him dead. It was a complete shock to everyone. nobody saw it coming, nobody even knew he had problems goin on, not even his girlfriend. When i was a senior and he was a junior we had the same spanish class, and he sat right in front of me. We had so much fun in that class together, :)! As awful as it sounds we bounded over terrorizing our teacher and "trying" to be rebels. She told us to move away from each other and we moved to the other side of the class RIGHT back nect to each other. l0l. He was like 20 minutes late everyday and when she would question him about his whereabouts he had the funniest smart, and slick comebacks. Every 2 weeks he had a different design in his mohawk and we would constantly cheat of the smart kids and then turn in "our" work and then take a nap. He made that class so much fun to be in! He ran track, and played basketball and already had about 2 or 3 acceptances into really good colleges and everybody thought he was destined for great things! However, there must have been something going on inside with him, and i wish i knew what it was because i would've been there in a hurry and had his back! Sometimes the devil will try to get into your head and persuade you that your problems are to much to bear and that suicide is the best way to deal with it, but its not. Now this tragedy in my city is a way for everybody to come together for the better, and everybody should reevaluate their faith and put more trust and faith in God. I really, really miss my dear friend Jaylan M. Willis. And he will be truly missed. R.I.P Jayy! I would post his picture, but its to hard to look at him right now without gettin extremly sad! Please keep Jayy and his family and classmates in your prayers! :/