October 14, 2012

A little small talk...

Hey y'all! So who loves breakfast? Duh... Everybody. And what's better than waking up to a hot, fresh and delicious breakfast in the morning? Almost nothin, EXCEPT breakfast at night. My friend and I are about to go bum it out at ihop. Because who doesn't like wearing sweats, a messy bun, and uggs while hanging at your neighborhood ihop with your favorite girlfriend? EXACTLY! I can taste the pancakes, hash browns and eggs already! YUM! It's something oh so comforting about breakfast at night,the scenery for one thing, I love to people watch. And the good ole' girl talk. All of which is so much better at ihop, or Waffle House depending on your wallet(that's where I usually go since I'm usually broke). I do my best thinking over breakfast, it's probably the eggs. Welp... Just wanted to drop ya a few lines!

Peace & Love

October 9, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like.... FALL!

Today in Charleston feels absolutely AMAZIN' I busted out the suede riding boots, a cozy knitted beanie, and a nice little scarf! I felt cozy and festive. Even though it was pretty much all black. Oh well, y'all don't mind do you? Of course not. My weather app said it was supposed to rain, but luckily it didn't. I hope the weather continues to stay this unbelievably GORGEOUS! Not so hot, and not to cold, but just right! For my fellow charlestonians out there... Are y'all ready for the fair?? Rides, turkey legs, funnel cakes. Oh my! Obviously I'm a tad excited, ok. Extremely excited!! Shocker!(sarcasm) Are you guys enjoying the weather wherever you are? Is there anything fun your looking forward to this fall? Let me know just because I'm nosey like that. Haha! :)

Love you guys!

Peace & Love

October 2, 2012


Hola chicas, and chicos! I'm back, foreals this time though! I'm gonna get back into everything! Regular blogs, linkups (I've missed the NAIL FILES soooo much), because my nails have changed SO many times over the past month and a half or so! I also want to give the Foodie Pen Pals another shot, because I never received a package, and it wasn't because of the person that had my name, I honestly think it got lost in the postal system since I moved back to Charleston from North Carolina. Or my creepy/sketchy neighbors really stole it. But that's okay! I still want to give folks a "Taste of Charleston" which is an actual event held here every year that recently passed!
I can't believe its the fall ALREADY! It doesn't totally feel like it, except at night and early in the morning but I'm so excited! Riding boots, sweaters, scarves, OH MY! Then the Coastal Carolina Fair comes to town, then its Halloween, then before ya know it it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Then I have an update on my "Heat-Free Summer" challenge, with pictures!!
And I guess one would call them "Blog-Hauls" since I recently became OBSESSED with eBay, and I've bought so much jewelry from Hong Kong its ridiculous! I'm also on Pinterest now, AND this iPhone/iPad/iPod app called PoshMark where people can take pictures of clothes, shoes or jewelry that's new or gently used and sell it right there!! I already sold a pair of shoes for $20! SCORE!!
Anyways guys, I'm sitting in a really awkward and uncomfortable position with my laptop on my leg and its starting to hurt, I have conditioner in my head STILL and I heard a really creepy noise come from my laundry room, and I'm home alone, so I'm a tad scared... So I'll be back tomorrow with that hair update, and more! Stay Tuned!
Peace & Love