January 28, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-20)-(Nicknames??)

I really don't have any permanant nicknames.

My close family calls me Tiff-Dog..I have no idea why!! They just came up with the name and if i'm not home and they come to visit, and I walk in the house they all say "Whats up Tiff-Dog" practically in unison! Or when they're bothering me!

My sister B calls me Clara??? She said it was somebody in a book, or movie , or something like that and I remind her of them...Whatever she says!!

And my friends just call me Tiff! Simple. In elementary and middle school everybody called me cheeks, because I had...have chubby cheeks. But I went to a different high school and didn't see them anymore so it stopped...thannk God.

And my mommy call me Lovin'...idk! She's done that since I was a baby! 

-smooches Tiff!

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