January 6, 2011

30-Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 3)-(1st ♥)

Caution: Very long post...But i a very good one, that i would love if you read!

Day 3: 1st Love

Well...My  1st love is this guy named Robert! I met him in elementary school in about the 3rd or 4th grade. I was new to the school and he was friendly and wanted to "show me around!" Haha! We were very young then and LOVE was the farthest things from our mind, we were more concerned about recess and art class! L0l. I quickly began to realize that he was VERY smart, he got 100's on all of his tests, while i only had 90's and 95's :( Every state registered test we took he always got advanced, while i got Proficients... :( My girlfriends and I couldn't stand him and his dorky friends! Then my mama started working at my school as the computer teacher...and HE had the BIGGEST crush on her! I would be in computer class and always catch him lookin at my mama's boobs out of the corner of my eye, him and all of his little friends had crushes on my mama, but hey he was then a 5th grade boy, so i let it past! To this very day I always tease him about liking my mama before he liked me! Haha! Fast forward out of elementary school to middle school, my mama wasn't working at my school anymore so, she was out of the picture! L0l. But, we didn't go to different middle schools because my elementary and middle school was combined and it was a charter/private school. You know what that means plaid skirts, tight oxford shirts, and knee highs! But not really, and the boys were uncomfortable in their ties and dress shoes! l0l. When middle school hit, it seemed like the girls got skankier and the boys got more aggressive! But me and Robert always kept our innocence, our friends would always pick on us that we were goody-goodies! As middle school went on, he had a crush on me and i didn't know it, then one year as school is about to end everybody is exchanging numbers, so we did too, this was the time when everybody was getting cell phones, but i had one since 4th grade, its another story how i THOUGHT i suckered my parents into giving me one! :) Anyways, we exchanged  numbers right before the summer, and I'm never in town during the summer since my mommy worked in the school system she had summers off too, so we always vacationed! But we actually talked alot during the summer, and became really good friends. When school started back up, we were practically inseparable and always ate lunch together, sat next to each other, did projects together..Everything, until people started pickin on us sayin how we were goin out, and we were young so we kinda dropped each other...i know sounds bad, but we stopped hangin out in school...Publicly, we still found time for each other, rather it was going to the "bathroom" or when everyone else was at recess! We didn't do anything nasty, we just hung out and talked and laughed. And we really got to hang out alot when we both got into the honors classes in middle school. And we got to be math partners good thing for me because i SUCK at math, and he's really GOOD at it! But I'm the English wiz! Haha! And then when we had free time, and everyone can basically do anything, we were sittin in the stairwell snackin on I cant even remember what!! It was probably Skittles for me and BBQ lays chips for him..our favorites! So as we were sitting there on the stairs talking and laughing, he kissed me! Bam! First kiss just like that, he kissed me!! It was 7th grade and my FIRST KISS! I was so shocked that i didn't even kiss him back i just look at him smiled the giggled uncontrollably! Then he kissed me again and i actually kissed back that time, then he told me he liked me..."like that!" Then the bell rang and i put on my cutest look and walk and said I'll see you in class! I did look cute if i must say so myself, no skirt! A cute little pair of gray pants, a navy blue polo shirt, and a wine colored cardigan! Those were the school colors...gray, navy blue, and wine(burgundy)! So after the kiss, we continued to talk on the phone constantly and we got to know each other better, all the personal things, like family, our wants, desires, and even the small things like favorites, likes, and dislikes! (birthday, color, food) then at the end of 7th grade he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said YES! But i don't know why the HELL we thought it would be a better relationship if we kept it a secret, but that's what we did! For the remainder of the school year it was a secret?? I still do NOT know why, it was stupid! But we continued our secret "relationship" and we went to the movies once or twice, its so different when your mama has to drop you off and pick you up! And we went to this local festival together that Charleston has every year. Then 8th grade rolled around...sigh!! And lets just say his friends and my friends weren't exactly good influences! We broke up constantly! But towards then end of the year, we realized how much we really loved each other and our relationship really grew, we just had a certain  level of comfort and trust, honesty, fun, and compassion that we had for each other! He was the only person to know my full name, birthday, and deepest secrets. With 7th grade and 8th grade that was a little over a year together!! Then the worst thing EVER happened!! My family decided to move! Even though it was only about 30 minutes away, it was about 5-minutes out of our school district, so that meant when i started high school, i had to start it at a different high school, in a COMPLETELY different district with absolutely NONE of my friends, and not even my BOYFRIEND! I was so pissed at my parents, i didn't drive yet so i knew it would be hard to see each other, and we would have to rely on talking to get by. It was OK when i first started high school, which i HATED! we talked quite a bit, but then his IB classes and sports and my Honors classes and ROTC activities caught up with us. IB is way harder than Honors and i knew it would take up more of his time, but it really took up my time, because he could just look at something once and be ready for a test, i had to make note cards, read it 2 or 3 times and actually cram! We never realized high school would be that hard, and we eventually broke up because as much as we wanted to be together we couldn't, so we broke up and it hurt me deeply. We still talked occasionally, but not as much as we used to. I was never really an emotional person, but losing the love of my life really hurt, i wouldn't say i was depressed because i still had fun, made friends and lived my life, but when i had quiet moments to myself and thought about him, and when i heard or saw something that reminded me of him i sorta fell into a slump for a while. Then he was on my mind more and more and my grades started to drop, and it just sucked! I started failing more classes and the next year, i just had regular classes and didn't even bother with Honors classes or anything. We still talked..maybe once every other moth, and it still felt GREAT to talk to him even if it was only for about 15-20 minutes! Then the calls stopped...all together and sophomore year passed...junior year passed...and finally senior year. I got a random call from him when i was walking to my car from a McDonald's after a big rival football game, i was free now that the game was over and he was free and he lived like 10 minutes away so i drove to his house and we went to the park in his neighborhood and just sat there and talked, and laughed. And of course a little kissing! :)We picked right up where we left off and i enjoyed every moment of it, it was so good to know he was thinking of me during those 2 years, and that he still loved me the way i loved him. I think that's what made me feel so much better, knowing that he still loved me the way i love him! Then we still talked more and more, and hung out alot more as well, but neither of us wanted to fully admit that we wanted to get back together! So senior year still floating along, and graduation comes and goes, and we spend alot of the summer together. Even though he changed alot from a goody-goody like me, to a weed-smoking bit of a trouble-maker, i still loved him, and he loved me back. Now, we're like best friends, that make-out from time to time. I can call him about anything and he can do the same! I talked to him about 2 days ago actually, and although NONE of my other boyfriends will ever compare to him, i really know in my heart that we'll get back together someday, it just has to be when him and I are ready at the same time, but now we're adults and we can make bigger commitments, because when we were kids we would always talk about getting married and having kids. But now we're in reality and i still see it all the same! Now we're in college and he's majoring in Science(to be an engineer) and I'm majoring in Office Technology(doctors or dentists office) but he's been talking alot about the Air Force or Army. I wouldn't mind being a military wife! L0l. But there you have it sorry its so long, but that's the story and more than you asked for about my FIRST LOVE!!

P.S. Sorry its so late, and not REALLY the 3rd day, i started this post at about 10 pm but all those emotion sorta came rushing back, and i called him and we just started talkin about the coarse of our whole relationship starting from 3rd grade! We are 10 yrs in the making! And hopefully this can all be something we can share with our kids! (fingers crossed) :) :) :)

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