November 30, 2011

Easy Livin'...

I don't have a what I'm loving Wednesday today...because I haven't been loving anything since I packed up my life and MOVED to Fayetteville. But I feel better, day after day, and I'm feeling less, and less homesick as well. Today was just a pretty basic day, still looking for a job since Old Navy is being mean, and wants me to wait until after the holidays to transfer up here, since they're fully staffed for the holidays. Today I cleaned a little. I finally got ALL my stuff that was in my sister's garage and lugged it all upstairs... what a workout?! I did some laundry, took out trash, brought the trash & recycling bins back to the house, vacuumed, washed my hair, showered, and a SPLASH of organizing. Besides that I didn't do anything else today. I'm still a little bit sad and homesick, but i'll manage.

Does anybody know a good way to deal with being homesick?

Help a poor girl out!

I'm glad to regularly be back in the swing of blogging, hopefully I won't pull another Houdini (disappearing act) again! :)

Peace & Love

Hello There....Again!

Hey y'all...I'm back...AGAIN! I'm now writing from Fayetteville, NC. I recently moved from Charleston to Fayetteville with my sister for college, and just a change of scenery. I still get a little homesick, I have to force myself not to cry. I really miss my mom...ALOT! I don't know anyone here on age with me, so making friends is going to be a challenge. But, I think I'm ready for it. Hopefully, my writers block, brain farts, and pure laziness will subside with my new location and I'll be posting much more often. Especially with all this boredom, I'm sure I'll post quite often in my plentiful spare time! :) I've missed you all, I need to check on more blogs, be nosy and find out whats going on in your lives. This is going to be a hard Christmas without my mommy being here all the time. I really just miss having a social life, I have no friends here, but my friends back home are anxious to take the 2 hour road trip up here to visit me. Can't wait! This short time has been nice just giving you guys a small update, I SHALL return.

p.s. I'm really glad its cold out now, as everyone knows i HATE the summer! :)

p.p.s. Don't judge me! Haha!

Peace & Love

August 29, 2011


I am alive guys. I know I suck at this blogging thing, I've been thinking of just giving up on this blog thing. But just to let you all know what I've been doing since my last post, I'll make a whole new post later tonight. Its gonna be quite a long post. So prepare yourselves. :)

Peace and Love

August 3, 2011

Not all its cracked up to be...

This is going to be a SUPER short post. I just wanted to write it really quickly to let you all know I'm still alive! Well today(Tuesday) my friend Bryn and I went to the new Trader Joe's in Mount Pleasant. We were pretty excited but, it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But I do have a new FAVORITE beverage that i'll enlighten you all on when I'm not so... I don't know... BARELY AWAKE! :)

Sweet dreams to those already sleep or about to go to sleep! :)

Peace & Love!

July 6, 2011

Its My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday dear MEEEEE! Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 19th birthday! Its not a serious one, but it'll be my last year in the "teens!" I'm just happy and appreciative to be able to see another year. Some people don't make it to 19.  For some reason, my birthday usually falls on a odd day, and this year is no different its a Wednesday! But I did look ahead on the calender too see that my 21st birthday in 2013 will be on a Saturday since next year is a leap year!

I'm going to wait until Saturday and just have a simple dinner with my sister, cousin, friends, and hopefully the guy I like if he's back from his vacation in time! :) **fingers crossed**

I'm gettin old... Who else has a birthday today or soon(any Cancer's out there)? I'd love to know your birthday plans.

p.s. I'm also going to a Reggae festival on Saturday here in Charleston at Wanamaker Park. I went to one a few years back and it should be tons of fun, music, and food(Jerk chicken on coco bread, with a chicken patty since I don't eat beef, and a coconut soda!) I CANNOT wait!

May 31, 2011

Summer Beauty Essentials!

Since I haven't blogged in awhile before yesterdays post, I decided to keep this bloggy ball rollin! So I decided to show you guys all my AFFORDABLE "summer beauty essentials!"

Summer Beauty Essentials!
1. Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer-$6
(I use this everyday after my shower, its good quality and gets the job done affordably.)

2. Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder in Soft Sable-$5
(Its way to hot to wear a heavy liquid foundation, so a light coat of this powder with my brush gets the job done on these hot SC days.)

3. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm-$3
(Everybody should have this, its natural, moisturizing, protects against the sun and smells good!)

4. Essie Nail Polish in Peach Daiquiri-$8
(Very pretty spring and summer color, will definitely wear this all summer long.)

5. Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Balm in Copacabana-$15
(This is the best lip balm/gloss ever! Its in a little jar thing, and has the perfect amount of color for summer, and the lid has a little mirror. You can order it here from sephora!)

6. Maybelline Colossal Waterproff Mascara-$6
(Just a great on-the-go waterproof mascara for the pool or beach just a good mascara!)

7. Vera Wang Princess Perfume-$70
(Not super cheap but still one of the best summer fragrances around and well worth the money. I've gone through about 3 bottles in the past couple of years and I can't wait to get my 4th bottle for my birthday!)

8. E.L.F Essentials Brightening Eye Color in Butternut-$1
(Almost all E.L.F product are between $1-$6 the sets and palettes are more of course, but its still a great deal. A good product for only a dollar! And the Butternut quad has pretty golds, and beiges and are very pretty for summer but not too much! You can find it here.)

Oh Say Can You See...

        Caution: SUPER LONG POST!

Go ahead...Tell me how bad of a blogger I've been...
I know I deserved that. But I've been on a little vacay lets see if you remember where...

remember yet...

here's another..

I'm not sure why they wouldn't come up rotated??
But hey smarty pants, your right. I was soaking up the history of D.C!

My family spent a few days in the District of Columbia, it was really fun!

Since I'm such a meanie and I haven't blogged in so long a few of the details are a little fuzzy

So we saw plenty of sites... Such as...
That's the other side of the White House and there is actually a sniper on the roof in all black ready to take somebody out! My mama wanted to jump over the fence, but I told her the sniper had something for her! :)
This thing had columns with every state on it! Very cool!
My nieces creepin on the statue!


The "former" reflecting pool! I was looking forward to this but its gone! :(

It was super windy there and my sister attempted to take my picture, but...
Take 1: Hideous

Take 2: Crazy

Take 3: I just gave up!
It was so wwindy my eyes kept watering, but you can't tell behind my shades!

Then we walked around for a bit, had very familiar food...McDonald's! McNuggets are like CRACK! Obsessed!

We were looking for something... And as my brother-in-law navigated, my sister and I popped a squat on a sidewalk and my mommy snapped this decent picture of us!
I think the green background kinda make the picture POP! l0l! :)

Then we went to Maryland because the hotels are cheaper and its less crowed.
Then that next day we went to Baltimore, MD to a wax museum about great African Americans in history!
I didn't take too many picture because I was listening to the instructors and it was really hot and very cramped! The had many different rooms or exhibits so to speak. The had the Founders Room, the Lynching Room, the Civil Rights Room, The Slave Ship, and a Scientific Room, but we didn't get to see that one because my niece was sick. But here are the pictures I did take.

I was very informative, and I liked it alot.. The only thing I didn't like was that it was in a horrible neighborhood. I'm from the country parts of Charleston/Hollywood, SC and its not a perfect area but, this place was bad! Has anyone ever seen the show The Wire, it looks just like that! I appreciate my suburban neighborhood soooo much more now! L0l! We saw drug addicts all over, and majority of the homes were boarded up, and some were random things like dentist offices, or Chinese restaurants?? What horrified us the most was when we were leaving as we got back in the truck, my mama noticed a used syringe on the ground...GROSS! As soon as we all got loaded in the truck I immediately broke out the B&BW hand sanitizer for all SIX of us, and we felt a little better, but still on edge. But overall it was a good wax museum! And as soon as we crossed this unique bridge...

It seemed to all be over. We were in a really cool, hip, downtown, HGTV part of Baltimore. We saw the Baltimore Raven's Stadium as well as the Orioles Stadium. And it was a really cool area, with tall apartment buildings made completely of brick and they had fire escapes. I'd rather live on the OTHER side of the bridge!

Then we were back in D.C! We went to Union Square to enjoy good food! My sister wanted to go to a place called B.Smiths which is named after a lady who is like the black Martha Stuart? But we looked at a menu they have outside and it was all Southern food. My mama and my niece and I didn't want MORE southern food, I mean we already like in the south, we eat southern food almost all the time we wanted something different. So me, my mama and my niece went to a restaurant next door to B.Smiths called Thunder Grill. It was sooooooooo good! I had a chicken sandwich that had guacamole and a homemade spicy mayo on it on a kaiser(ish) bun, with hand cut fries and coleslaw it was sooo tasty, not as seasoned as food back home, but still good!

Parking in D.C is MURDER! Almost every spot is for "Authorized Government Officials" and parking garages are like $15, IF you can find one, because the other garages are for Government workers as well! I really enjoyed the city, everybody can bike where they need to go. I've thought about moving there a few years after college for my teaching career. It would be a fun city, and a new experience! It has a New York vibe, but not too hectic, but it still has my down-home cozy Charleston feel that I love as well, so I wouldn't get too homesick! And the guys are BEYOND fine! I can't wait to start a career in that city!

So that's all for this extremely LONG D.C/Maryland update post! I'll leave you all with this...
BTW: My hair is REAL people ask all the time! I'm afraid of weaves! L0l!

May 10, 2011

Don't Fret.

Don't worry guys, I AM alive! I HAVE been a very bad blogger. I AM sorry about it!

But I have returned from D.C, returned to work, and school has ended.

Boy, do I have tons to tell ya'll! I'll be back in a day or so with a very longgggg and fun update! With pictures and all! :)

-Peace and Love

April 22, 2011

Movie Nights

Movie Nights

A cute outfit I'm gonna wear tonight to the movies with my bff S. We wanted to be especially cute tonight, because you  never know! Everything is all black except the jeans and the bright colored shirt, to add a pop of color! I think its a cute enough outfit to go out woth friends, or on a date. I like. I thinks it really cute. What do ya'll think??

Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!

Hope you all enjoy this Earth Day, it is extremely rainy and depressing here. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your Earth Day, so go out there and ride your bikes, cut off your lights, unplug your house, and plant a tree, and buy recycled stuff and be as GREEN as possible. Mother Nature will be most appreciative although I'm not very appreciative of this crappola weather!

By the way, head on over to Starbucks with you own coffee mug, or tumbler and you can get a free cup of coffee OR tea!

...I thought it was only 3 R's...guess not!

April 19, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Guess where I'm going this weekend???

Go ahead! Guess!

Give up... (gave it away in the title anyways! L0l!)

I'm going to the RiverDogs baseball game on Friday!

My sister and my nieces are coming down from NC this weekend, Yay! One of my nieces did really bad in school so she has absolutely no privileges, sucks for her. My mama and sister are planning on going to get pedicures on Friday, and my niece with the bad grades has to sit there and basically watch them. But my other niece got straight A's and student of the month or something like that, so I'm going to reward her with a baseball game and whatever she want to eat, she eats like a full grown man and she's only 11 and a complete toothpick, she is super skinny, maybe its because she's always doing something. Basketball, ballet, soccer, hip-hop dance, and she like her Dance-Dance Revolution and Wii. Since she actually worked hard in school she's going to be rewarded. And at home games on Friday's they do fireworks, and give out t-shirts and its extra fun for the kids especially!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

This is my outfit choice for the game on Friday, the weather is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s, and kinda breezy. If the weirdo weather here changes anymore then i'll probably switch it up with Capri's or skinny jeans or something!

  • John "Lemon" Graphic Tee
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Forever 21 Aviators
  • Coach Wrislet
  • Rainbow Flip-Flops
  • Polo Hat

I can't wait, I haven't been to a RiverDogs game in years!

It'll be good fun!

What are ya'll weekend plans?

PS, I originally made this post on Tuesday or Wednesday, but my Internet went out so I couldn't post it, now I'm sitting in a coffee shop posting it! (and its NOT starbucks, l0l)

April 17, 2011

{Home Alone}

That exactly what I've been.

I kinda feel left behind, these people forgot all about me. My mama and step-daddy went to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my step-dads brother whose sick.

Why didn't I tag along you ask?? I had to work...

At my job (Old Navy) shifts have been kinda scarce , but I'm getting more and more shifts now since I'm not exactly "new" anymore. Some people and myself think that you get more shifts based on how many Old Navy cards we get. We have a major competition going on right now to see who gets the most cards within the month of April. The last week of April I wont be here, I'll be in D.C so I have to push pretty hard to be on top. Last week I guess??  Well the week of 4/10 through 4/16 I only had 2 shifts :(
Howeverrr... I got about 6 Old Navy cards in just those 2 days, and that's pretty good, so when i was emailed my schedule for 4/17 through 4/23 I had FOUR shifts. That's pretty good. Saturday while I was working my manager asked if I wanted to pick up a shift for Sunday evening, I thought about it and the extra money for D.C and accepted. And my 4 shifts this week are on Monday-Thursday. So I'll be working nonstop up until Thursday. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I told my manager I'm going to enjoy my Friday and Saturday off and that NOBODY should call me to come in!

Enough about my part-time gig, back to feeling like this...

When I came home on Friday, my step-dad and HIS dad was waiting for my mama to get home from work so she could pack and they could head to Atlanta! I was really tired so a hour or so after they left I went to sleep until about 7pm, then I woke up changed into my jammies, got something to eat, switched to the comfier & bigger couch then went back to sleep. I woke up again a little after midnight and couldn't get back to sleep, and it was a tornado watch going on here so the extremely loud wind kept creeping me out, I'm usually not scared when I'm home alone but I don't know why I was a little creeped out and a little on edge! I really miss my mommy too.

Hopefully they'll be back on Sunday when I get from work. I miss them! And I hope they brought me something back. Haha!

On Friday, when I finally get a chance to unwind I think my best friend and I are going to treat ourselves a Charleston Riverdogs game...I just kinda have to tell her my plan! I think it'll be fun, a baseball game to start off a good weekend, and I haven't seen my best friend in like THREE weeks, I miss her! If she doesn't want to go I'll make her! Haha!

I remember when I went to elementary and middle school in downtown Charleston and my school would ALWAYS take field trips to see the RiverDogs play (for those that don't know the RiverDogs is Charleston's Minor league baseball team!) We have a minor hockey league too! I think its called minor at least! They're the Stingrays!

That is all going on in my life!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on Coach Poppy perfume, my best friends birthday is coming up!

She doesn't read this so I don't have to worry! The price is usually around $60, but I'm thinking I can get it a little cheaper! Let me know guys I would really appreciate it!

Peace & Love

March 27, 2011

Giveaways, Rants, Updates & Life! {sigh...}

First thangs first... a GIVEAWAY! A giveaway for a monogrammed mug from sweet ole' Ashley over at Texas Prep! I'm really gunning for this one! l0l!

I'm specifically gunning for the Yellow mug with the stainless steel lid! I LOVE yellow!

Ya'll can also follow her on twitter @ashlauren85!

Now rants! I went to the movies with my friend that I haven't seen in a while even though we live 10 minutes away from each other! L0l!

But we saw...

Battle L.A and it was AMAZING! Oh My GOSH! Those Marines had so much heart! Spoiler Alert: The group of soldiers had already lost so many men when looking for civilians and the alien things were killing them off. It took down a whole chopper with wounded soldiers! And it killed the virgin before know? They went from about 20 something men to the very end with just SIX! The leader of the group died as well, but the other soldiers had TWO opportunities to go to the safety area but they stayed behind and fought! That's heart, because I hate to say...well type! My ass would have been long gone! L0l! However, on a more serious note, a movie like that with GORGEOUS men like that makes me appreciate more and more what my brother-in-law does (especially when he gets deployed AGAIN in August) and what my dad did! I appreciate all our military people for their service:)

I worked a long shift today, but I need my money for D.C! I'm still super excited, I can't wait!

OMGeee! I'm officially addicted to Hawaii 5-0 thanks to Sweet Tea Diaries :) But my usual shows that I've been kinda lacking on lately are Glee and Pretty Little Liars! But, a week or so ago, PLL had a marathon and I set my DVR and watched to rest of the season and the finale...What a cliffhanger??? I'm ready to find out who A is and where the heck did Ian go? Can't wait for the next season to start in May or June or whenever! As as Glee, my mom deleted the last episode, the one after the Original Songs(Best episode thus far...maybe), so I don't know what happened! I was upset when I found out she cancelled my episode so it could record Jeopardy and some western for her! FML! So somebody help me out! And my other faves on TV...Dancing With The Stars! My favorite dancers are...

Ralph & Karina: He was sooooo good, I wasn't expecting it and that's what made me like him so much! I guess Mr. Miyagi taught him well!

Kendra & Louis: Also in my top 3 i don't even care about the dancing, I just LOVE Kendra, she's so fun and pretty, and that baby of hers is soooo darn cute! And she loves her booty shankin! L0l!

Kirstie & Max: WOW! I mean of course she's not the best dancer ever...but she is trying incredibly hard, she looks REALLY good for 60! And after her weight issues and depression in the past she looked like she was genuinely have a GOOD time! When she danced she had so much personality and liveliness! top 3!

Romeo & Chelsie: okay...Romeo is FINE first off! And he's WAY better than his dad, and I think he'll do pretty good once he gets those hips a movin! I love them together...wink wink! Very cute couple in the future.

Chelsea & Mark: she's so cute and I think she's pretty good! i tend to like alot of the Disney kids! L0l!

Hines & Kym: Omigosh! He's so good, and extremely cute, and he does have a nice butt! L0l! The athletes always tend to be very good. Makin a comeback after that Superbowl loss! Definitely in my top 3!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty! The WORST! I love her show! but her dancing...

Wendy Williams! She was horrible! I'll give her that she had personality and she was having fun...but she has no rhythm, two left feet, off beat and just NOT GOOD! She should really stick to gossip, not dancing!

Until next time...

Peace & Love

March 20, 2011

Oopsies...{I've been a BAD blogger}

Whose been a bad blogger lately...**this girl**!!

With spring break and work and family & friends, I got a little sidetracked!

So here's what I've been up to since I last blogged!

-Spring Break started! {Whoo-hoo!!!}

-so did the pollen and the sneezes, watery eyes, and itchy eyes and throat! {booooo}

-I went to spend some time with my aunt!

-I worked...

-I spent money I shouldn't have spent! :[

-I was down with a tummy ache!

-I got to spend time with one of my FAVORITE cousins...M and she told me everything about her current journey of her pledging a sorority... Delta Sigma Theta Inc, one of the most famous and influential African American sororities! She'll be sort of "crossing-over" or being "introduced" in front of family and friends on April 8th and I can't wait to be there! Especially the big party afterwards that she invited me too! Her sorority has "brothers!" They are widely affiliated with another famous African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi a.k.a the Q-Dogs in their purple and gold, with their loud chants and steps! Most Q's are FINE and I can't wait to party with them! ; )

-My baby cousin Brook turns 1 on the 28th! And her parents are throwing this big party for her in Charlotte on April 2nd! Can't wait!

-The biggest news of all, even though my Spring Break was this week, April 28-May 3rd me and my family are going to D.C! I'm gonna knock on the White House doors and see if the President answers his own door...L0l! Then we're gonna go to alot of museums and stuff which I'm super excited about since I love history and culture and art and everything else! My mama really wants to see Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat(she's weird like that)! And D one of my really good friends from elementary AND middle school goes to Howard University in D.C and he says he's gonna show me the sites too and take me to the YOUNG hot spots! I'm super excited, I can't wait!

-So I have to take off April 1 & 2 for my baby cousin's birthday party in Charlotte, April 8 for my cousins introduction ceremony and the big AFTER PARTY in Orangeburg! And I have to take off April 28-May 3rd for D.C! That's alot of days! That's like 9 days! Pretty darn close to 2 weeks! I also have to save alot of my money! This is going to be a challenge!

If anyone knows of any really good places to visit while in D.C please let me know! Also, stuff for kids because my nieces will be there also and they're 10 & 11!

Now that your caught up, I'm off to get my clothes from the dryer and tidy my room a bit, then off to the mall!!! :)

Peace & Love

March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! 3/2/11

So, I'm currently typing at WARP speed to get this posted before WEDNESDAY officially is over here on the East coast. So...on to what I'm loving...

1. I'm Loving my NEWLY re-dyed hair, I usually get it dyed a brown-goldish tone, but this time I went with a brownish-red (auburn) color!

2. I'm also loving my NEW Blackberry, I feel so important when I have phone calls and text messages on my Berry! Lol. .

3. I'm REALLY loving that me an my girls are gonna take a little mini-roadtrip down to Savannah, GA for the St. Patricks day festival/parade/event! We said we're gonna "pee green" which we can't do since we're underage! Lol! But hey, we can dream!

4. I'm also really loving all the cute things that I got from Charleston's NEW Forever 21! I've been wanting to go since it opened but I knew for the first whole month it was crazy packed. So I waited until Monday and I went with one of my best friends Kee and got 15 things for about $90! It wasn't even packed, but I did get a $14.00 parking citation:( I was so concerned with my bad parallel parking that I didn't even notice the parking meter...oops! :(

5. I'm also loving THREE very cool giveaways from 3 very nice ladies!

And i think this is about all I'm loving today....

OH YEAH! And our new Wii!
Now that's all! :)

p.s. whoo-hoo I made it before "Thursday" with 7 minutes to spare! (its 11:53pm in case you were wondering)


February 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Late Edition 2/16/2011


I'm loving absolutely nothing! I feel HORRIBLE! I actually missed class today, and who knows about work tomorrow...I had mind-blowing cramps! Every cuss word known to man went throw my mind. I stayed home and sulked in agonizing pain! Medicine nothing helped! Maybe i'll love something next week. I've just never experienced cramps this bad in all my days, or (excuse my french & scroll away squemish folks) clotting this severe, or "changing" that many times in one day! FML!

Sorry if this was a Debbie Downer moment or a Nasty Nancy moment, but I had to vent somehow and all of my followers are females so you can relate kinda anyways!

maybe tomorrow will be better

-Not So Happy Tiffani :(

p.s. I will be doing a "Whats in my Purse?" sometime this week

February 7, 2011

Pan Stewed Chicken (as promised!)

I haven't forgotten people, my memory has not failed me yet! Remember that slap-yo-MAMA stewed chicken my mama made that I was tellin yall was so good! Well I bothered her to tell me how she made it since I was nappin when she started cookin it! And you may also remember that I said in my household when it comes to actual "food" "food" we don't follow recipes. We may follow a recipe if its a dish we've never had before, but we always follow the directions when we bake cake, cookies, or cupcakes or something, because it doesn't take alot to mess those up AT ALL! My chicken, mama is a no "recipe needed" but if people want to cook this delishes meal at home, i'll give them a modified version of a recipe! lol.

1. Get any kinda of chicken you want, bone-in or doesnt matter!

2. Season your chicken to your liking, nothing citrusy or anything like that, that sorta throws it off! lol. (let it marinate for at least a few hours)

3. Get a deep pan, maybe something you would stir-fry or fry in, but nice and deep.

4. Put water in the bottom of the pan, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, since chicken makes its own oil/grease/juice whatever it is! l0l.

5. Add the chicken to the water and let it sorta boil/simmer for about 20-25 minutes. (do NOT turn chicken over)

6. Then add a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, enough to cover the whole pan and all the chicken, you may have to use 2 cans, it depends on how much chicken you use.

7. Let chicken and Cream of Mushroom all simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until chicken is finished, once again it depends on what kind of chicken you use, we used drumsticks and thighs! I would have prefered boneless, but it was still good!

8. Serve with rice and whatever side/veggie and enjoy.

We have rice and green beans with ours...And yours truly was responsible for the green beans. L0l. I opened the can and put it in the pot and boiled it all by my lonesome! We usually have frozen veggies, healthier and tastier, but we were last resort!

Don't think I can't cook now, I'm actually a really good cook, I just wanted to at least contribute, despite my sleepy!

And the sauce over the rice was...AMAZIN'!

That mama did it again!

My very hard responsibiliy that night!

In the words of backpack from Dora the was "Yum, yum, yum delicioso!

-Tiffani :)

February 4, 2011


The other day as I was skipping class and browsing throught the aisles of Targe' a.k.a Target! I came across this darlin' of a purse!

Its a cute little studded crossbody.

After getting over its cuteness and sorta sneaking it in the house(my mama has been on me about buying new purses) it was small enough to fit in the giant purse I was already carrying so it was pretty easy to bring in the house and stash in my purse bin. Yes! I said purse bin. It's a 18 gallon or so, and I put all my purses in it, I need a new one because I don't want to overstuff the bin and mess my purses up!

After I got the purse home and was admiring my cheap purchase, ($7 to be exact)  I wondered... What the hell am I gonna wear with this purse??? 

Any suggestions??

February 3, 2011

I'm Bursting With Excitement!!! I layed across my bed checking my e-mail, crusading through blogs, and signing up for free samples and eating a Michelina Lean Gourmet Meal: 5 Cheese Lasagna...Yum! I came across this little thing-majigger...

Nini nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award, and I am immensely grateful! Even with only a few followers, I guess somebody likes what I have to say! :) If you don't follow Nini already, you most definitely should! And for this I would like to tell her Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" I'd also like to thank my mama! And most importantly GOD! And I'd also like to thank the makers of my laptop... HP! And last but most definitely not least...My brain, heart, and background for giving me ideas on what to blog about...

Well, now I got the acceptance speech out of the way, I must "pay it forward"
I must do 4 things when I receive this award...

2. Thank & link back to the person who awarded me this award {check.}

2. Share 7 things about myself...

1. I am addicted to purses...ADDICTED!

2. I love to sleep under my coffee table.

3. I'm working on building an extensive DVD collection of movies from the 80s and 90s, and early 2000s(The Breakfast Club, Waiting to Exhale, Friday) everything, well over 100 movies!

4. I HATE being hot, I hate the summer, especially in SC when its like 105 degrees! And to think I was born in the middle of summer!

5. I HATE chocolate, but I love caramel!

6. I ALWAYS wear mix-matched socks!

7. I've always wanted to be some sort of spy and work for the government, like Angelina in Salt!

3. Toss this award on to 15 OTHER bloggers!

1. Lyndsey : It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes
2. Kathryn : Spouse Plus House
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p.s. I feel asleep on this, and woke up in the middle of the night and decided to resume!

February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! 2/2/11

What I'm Loving This Wednesday is...

  • The horrible rain we had here in Charleston this morning and it immediately cleared up and we had beautiful sunny yet windy weather to make up for it later on today!
  • Im also loving these...
Michelina's Lean Gourmet meals. I love them, they keep me perfect on my portions, calories, fat...EVERYTHING! They're also pretty dang tasty, I don't even have to add any seasonings. And the best part they are VERY inexpensive I'm talking $1 and some are $1.07... and some have coupons to take a dollar off when you buy 5! One for everyday of the week, minus the weekend!

  • I'm also loving the new episode of A&E's Storage Wars that comes on tonight! And my guilty pleasure that also comes on tonight of TLC's Toddlers & Tiara's! And ...MTV's I Used To Be Fat!

  • I'm L O V I N G my hair today! Its usualy very unruly and never wants to cooperate, but today it bounced and flowed and blew in the Charleston wind perfectly! Even with my headband on. And my sunglasses and prescription glasses going back and forth from my face to the top of my head! Today was most defenitely a GOOD hair day!

  • Im finally loving my Atkins Weight Loss Kit Sample! It came with 3 snack bars, a booklet with the amount of calories in everything, and a little recipe book! It was a free sample! And, I'm gonna use it very wisely! :)
And thats What I'm Loving (this) Wednesday!!!

February 1, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-29)-(3 Wishes)

hmmm...If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for a BRAND new car, a whole new wardrobe(shoes & purses included) genie's try to slight ya! And my final wish would be 3 more wishes! Duh! I'd never run out! I'd have a Fair God Genie..or however I'd get my wishes!

(p.s.)-I'm still looking for my camera cord...I refuse to buy another one, because I know its around here somewhere!! :)

Also, Im very disappointed I didn't win Jenn's 700 follower giveaway...I actually really wanted that stuff! But hey, i'll continue to follow, and maybe next time! But congratulations to the winner!


January 31, 2011


OMG! Ya'll dinner was so good tonight it made you wanna Slap-Yo-Mama! It doesn't really have a I named it "Pan Stewed Chicken" clever right? Since she stewed the chicken in a deep pan instead of a pot. My mama had some chicken already seasoned and she didn't know what she wanted to do to it exactly, so she stewed it. But she didn't want to make a GIANT pot of stewed chicken and have leftovers because she has other plans for dinner the rest of the week. I kinda contributed...She did the chicken and rice, and I made the green beans! Hey! Don't judge, its something! I am a good cook, but I usually only cook like once a week, or when my parents go out of town and I have to survive! I'll cook alot more and share my southern, country, recipe-less recipes with ya'll when I have my own place where I can cook how I want and be F R E E!! L0l.

I would put up the pictures and my rendition of a recipe, but I can't find my camera cord. It's either in my closet or out in the trunk. Which I refuse to look through tonight, so tomorrow I'll post the picture and the "recipe" I say recipe that way because in my household, unless its a desert like cake, cookies, or a cupcakes, we don't follow recipes. But if its food-food, we do a dash of this, a pinch of that, a spoonful of this...not a teaspoon or tablespoon, but a spoonful. So tomorrow, I'll put up the pictures and the recipe and I hope ya'll enjoy!

Happy Monday!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-28)-(Something that Stresses me out)

I get really stressed when I know I only have a certain amount of time to do something, and that time is rapidly winding down and I feel like whatever I have to do won't be done in time! That really stresses me out! I just seem like the kind of person that CANNOT work well under pressure, but for some reason I always pull through!! :)

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-27)-(Pets?)

...I have no pets, hate to say. Besides the few goldfish as a kid. I had a puppy when I lived in the country, but I don't know what breed he was. I just remember I named him Mister. He was black. He was tiny. And he would guard the back door...that nobdy used! But when somebody would walk back there, he would chase them to the front...silly dog. He got hit by an 18 wheeler...I miss that dog!

I still live with my parents, but when I get my own place in about a year or 2, i want to save up more for a terrier of some sort!
Either a Yorkie, or a West Highland! But in Charleston they're like almost $800! Thats alot of saving!

Hopefully, it'll be a housewarming present:)

January 29, 2011

Oh My-Lanta!!

Nobody ever told me this blogging thing would be this difficult! I can't win with the whole template/background thing. The first couple of months I had to use the Blogger templates and backgrounds, which I DO NOT like. I also downloaded a template from this site. Out of the...maybe TEN templates I sorta liked that I downloaded, only ONE worked and I didn't really care for it too much anyway. I wanted something pretty from either or cutestblogontheblock. com but if I just tried to copy and paste the code, it DIDN'T work! Then I finally found a way for it to copy and paste a code so it would work. I had to go to "Revert to Classic Template" and then choose "Pick Classic Template"   and I get one of the Minima Templates and then I go to "Edit HTML" and paste the code and it works...but people can't follow me or anything, all they can see is my About Me, Previous Posts, and Archives! I didn't even know it until Ashley of Texas Prep brought it to my attention! Thanks, btw! This sucks! I need help...somebody please tell me what I need to do! This gives me the biggest headache. I would love to have more followers..but guess what...People can't follow me!! I've been playing around with it for hours, trying to get it how I like it and without messing up the Page Elements...this is pissing me off so I'm out of here...

If anybody knows how to help me, please just email me at , or leave a comment!

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-26)-(Picture of my Family)

I don't really have a picture with the WHOLE family together because its way to many of us!!