July 21, 2013


Hello all. *insert creepy wave* 
Lets just cut to the chase, I've been M.I.A... Yes! But have I done ANYTHING with my life in almost 2 months since I quite my job in May thats bloggable (I know it's not a word, no shame)? No! Did y'all know that quitting your job without a backup plan eventually leads to depleted funds? I know, crazy stuff huh?! It's hard to do things with no money, but I've reentered  the world of the employed once again and I shall be returning to doing fun things. On my list of fun things coming up is my family reunion in about 2 weeks. My young (21-30) cousins that don't live in Charleston or haven't been here in a while, I really want to show them a good time. What are some good restaurants and hotspots in this here city of Charleston? I know there is a hookah bar which could be quite fun, and I know about the "famous restaurants" ex. Hymans seafood. But I want to take them somewhere a little more authentic, more rustic, and more affordable. Kinda like a hole-in-the-wall type joint. But not creepy. Any suggestions my beautiful people. Let me know. I love ya! 

Peace & Love

July 10, 2013


I've been thinking long and hard lately and I think I really want to become a vlogger. Ya know, videotape/record my life everyday and have people watch it on YouTube almost like a daily sitcom. Yeah, I've been doing it on and off, more so off since December. And it's quite fun. Yeah people might look at me funny in public places but I could learn to ignore that and just be myself around my friends and family. I need a really cool vlog channel name though... Thoughts?