February 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Late Edition 2/16/2011


I'm loving absolutely nothing! I feel HORRIBLE! I actually missed class today, and who knows about work tomorrow...I had mind-blowing cramps! Every cuss word known to man went throw my mind. I stayed home and sulked in agonizing pain! Medicine nothing helped! Maybe i'll love something next week. I've just never experienced cramps this bad in all my days, or (excuse my french & scroll away squemish folks) clotting this severe, or "changing" that many times in one day! FML!

Sorry if this was a Debbie Downer moment or a Nasty Nancy moment, but I had to vent somehow and all of my followers are females so you can relate kinda anyways!

maybe tomorrow will be better

-Not So Happy Tiffani :(

p.s. I will be doing a "Whats in my Purse?" sometime this week

February 7, 2011

Pan Stewed Chicken (as promised!)

I haven't forgotten people, my memory has not failed me yet! Remember that slap-yo-MAMA stewed chicken my mama made that I was tellin yall was so good! Well I bothered her to tell me how she made it since I was nappin when she started cookin it! And you may also remember that I said in my household when it comes to actual "food" "food" we don't follow recipes. We may follow a recipe if its a dish we've never had before, but we always follow the directions when we bake cake, cookies, or cupcakes or something, because it doesn't take alot to mess those up AT ALL! My chicken, mama is a pro..so no "recipe needed" but if people want to cook this delishes meal at home, i'll give them a modified version of a recipe! lol.

1. Get any kinda of chicken you want, bone-in or bonless...it doesnt matter!

2. Season your chicken to your liking, nothing citrusy or anything like that, that sorta throws it off! lol. (let it marinate for at least a few hours)

3. Get a deep pan, maybe something you would stir-fry or fry in, but nice and deep.

4. Put water in the bottom of the pan, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, since chicken makes its own oil/grease/juice whatever it is! l0l.

5. Add the chicken to the water and let it sorta boil/simmer for about 20-25 minutes. (do NOT turn chicken over)

6. Then add a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, enough to cover the whole pan and all the chicken, you may have to use 2 cans, it depends on how much chicken you use.

7. Let chicken and Cream of Mushroom all simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until chicken is finished, once again it depends on what kind of chicken you use, we used drumsticks and thighs! I would have prefered boneless, but it was still good!

8. Serve with rice and whatever side/veggie and enjoy.

We have rice and green beans with ours...And yours truly was responsible for the green beans. L0l. I opened the can and put it in the pot and boiled it all by my lonesome! We usually have frozen veggies, healthier and tastier, but we were out...so last resort!

Don't think I can't cook now, I'm actually a really good cook, I just wanted to at least contribute, despite my sleepy!

And the sauce over the rice was...AMAZIN'!

That mama did it again!

My very hard responsibiliy that night!

In the words of backpack from Dora the Explorer...it was "Yum, yum, yum delicioso!

-Tiffani :)

February 4, 2011


The other day as I was skipping class and browsing throught the aisles of Targe' a.k.a Target! I came across this darlin' of a purse!

Its a cute little studded crossbody.

After getting over its cuteness and sorta sneaking it in the house(my mama has been on me about buying new purses) it was small enough to fit in the giant purse I was already carrying so it was pretty easy to bring in the house and stash in my purse bin. Yes! I said purse bin. It's a 18 gallon or so, and I put all my purses in it, I need a new one because I don't want to overstuff the bin and mess my purses up!

After I got the purse home and was admiring my cheap purchase, ($7 to be exact)  I wondered... What the hell am I gonna wear with this purse??? 

Any suggestions??

February 3, 2011

I'm Bursting With Excitement!!!

So...as I layed across my bed checking my e-mail, crusading through blogs, and signing up for free samples and eating a Michelina Lean Gourmet Meal: 5 Cheese Lasagna...Yum! I came across this little thing-majigger...

Nini nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award, and I am immensely grateful! Even with only a few followers, I guess somebody likes what I have to say! :) If you don't follow Nini already, you most definitely should! And for this I would like to tell her Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" I'd also like to thank my mama! And most importantly GOD! And I'd also like to thank the makers of my laptop... HP! And last but most definitely not least...My brain, heart, and background for giving me ideas on what to blog about...

Well, now I got the acceptance speech out of the way, I must "pay it forward"
I must do 4 things when I receive this award...

2. Thank & link back to the person who awarded me this award {check.}

2. Share 7 things about myself...

1. I am addicted to purses...ADDICTED!

2. I love to sleep under my coffee table.

3. I'm working on building an extensive DVD collection of movies from the 80s and 90s, and early 2000s(The Breakfast Club, Waiting to Exhale, Friday) everything, well over 100 movies!

4. I HATE being hot, I hate the summer, especially in SC when its like 105 degrees! And to think I was born in the middle of summer!

5. I HATE chocolate, but I love caramel!

6. I ALWAYS wear mix-matched socks!

7. I've always wanted to be some sort of spy and work for the government, like Angelina in Salt!

3. Toss this award on to 15 OTHER bloggers!

1. Lyndsey : It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes
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p.s. I feel asleep on this, and woke up in the middle of the night and decided to resume!

February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! 2/2/11

What I'm Loving This Wednesday is...

  • The horrible rain we had here in Charleston this morning and it immediately cleared up and we had beautiful sunny yet windy weather to make up for it later on today!
  • Im also loving these...
Michelina's Lean Gourmet meals. I love them, they keep me perfect on my portions, calories, fat...EVERYTHING! They're also pretty dang tasty, I don't even have to add any seasonings. And the best part they are VERY inexpensive I'm talking $1 and some are $1.07... and some have coupons to take a dollar off when you buy 5! One for everyday of the week, minus the weekend!

  • I'm also loving the new episode of A&E's Storage Wars that comes on tonight! And my guilty pleasure that also comes on tonight of TLC's Toddlers & Tiara's! And ...MTV's I Used To Be Fat!

  • I'm L O V I N G my hair today! Its usualy very unruly and never wants to cooperate, but today it bounced and flowed and blew in the Charleston wind perfectly! Even with my headband on. And my sunglasses and prescription glasses going back and forth from my face to the top of my head! Today was most defenitely a GOOD hair day!

  • Im finally loving my Atkins Weight Loss Kit Sample! It came with 3 snack bars, a booklet with the amount of calories in everything, and a little recipe book! It was a free sample! And, I'm gonna use it very wisely! :)
And thats What I'm Loving (this) Wednesday!!!

February 1, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day-29)-(3 Wishes)

hmmm...If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for a BRAND new car, a whole new wardrobe(shoes & purses included) genie's try to slight ya! And my final wish would be 3 more wishes! Duh! I'd never run out! I'd have a Fair God Genie..or however I'd get my wishes!

(p.s.)-I'm still looking for my camera cord...I refuse to buy another one, because I know its around here somewhere!! :)

Also, Im very disappointed I didn't win Jenn's 700 follower giveaway...I actually really wanted that stuff! But hey, i'll continue to follow, and maybe next time! But congratulations to the winner!