January 6, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge!! (Day 4)-(My Parents)

Day 4-My Parents!

Here they are, My mama Denise and my step-dad Walter. I know my dady he has been around, but I live with my mama and Walter, they have been together 15+ yrs, since i was about 3! We have little arguements here and there, but he's never tried to push being a father on me and he takes care of me and supports me and loves me as if he was my real father. My mother and real father had joint custody of me since i was about 5 or 6 and my real dad and his wife would talk about my parents and it wasn't cool and i didn;t feel loved anymore when i went to visit my dad and i wasn't comfortable anymore so when i turned 13(the legal age when you can choose to stop joint custody) i stopped goin to visit and lucky for me, but not for my love life we moved an he never knew where we live. Many people think i should have told him where we moved to but he had my cell phone number which has beenn the same since i got a cell phone he could have called ME at any time. His wife was always mean to me and i rather not have dealt with it. However as i got older i realized he is my father and i should be mature and put forth an effort. So after about 4 or 5 years of not talking or seeing him, i decided to invite him to my high school graduation, and i was actually pleasantly surprised when he showed up. And we talk now, not as much as i would like, but i guess it will just take time! And there you hav eit my parents!

P.S. I was determined to get this post up before midnite! Now to continue watching Jersey Shore(guilty pleasure)!! Whoo-hoo mission accomplished!

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