May 31, 2011

Oh Say Can You See...

        Caution: SUPER LONG POST!

Go ahead...Tell me how bad of a blogger I've been...
I know I deserved that. But I've been on a little vacay lets see if you remember where...

remember yet...

here's another..

I'm not sure why they wouldn't come up rotated??
But hey smarty pants, your right. I was soaking up the history of D.C!

My family spent a few days in the District of Columbia, it was really fun!

Since I'm such a meanie and I haven't blogged in so long a few of the details are a little fuzzy

So we saw plenty of sites... Such as...
That's the other side of the White House and there is actually a sniper on the roof in all black ready to take somebody out! My mama wanted to jump over the fence, but I told her the sniper had something for her! :)
This thing had columns with every state on it! Very cool!
My nieces creepin on the statue!


The "former" reflecting pool! I was looking forward to this but its gone! :(

It was super windy there and my sister attempted to take my picture, but...
Take 1: Hideous

Take 2: Crazy

Take 3: I just gave up!
It was so wwindy my eyes kept watering, but you can't tell behind my shades!

Then we walked around for a bit, had very familiar food...McDonald's! McNuggets are like CRACK! Obsessed!

We were looking for something... And as my brother-in-law navigated, my sister and I popped a squat on a sidewalk and my mommy snapped this decent picture of us!
I think the green background kinda make the picture POP! l0l! :)

Then we went to Maryland because the hotels are cheaper and its less crowed.
Then that next day we went to Baltimore, MD to a wax museum about great African Americans in history!
I didn't take too many picture because I was listening to the instructors and it was really hot and very cramped! The had many different rooms or exhibits so to speak. The had the Founders Room, the Lynching Room, the Civil Rights Room, The Slave Ship, and a Scientific Room, but we didn't get to see that one because my niece was sick. But here are the pictures I did take.

I was very informative, and I liked it alot.. The only thing I didn't like was that it was in a horrible neighborhood. I'm from the country parts of Charleston/Hollywood, SC and its not a perfect area but, this place was bad! Has anyone ever seen the show The Wire, it looks just like that! I appreciate my suburban neighborhood soooo much more now! L0l! We saw drug addicts all over, and majority of the homes were boarded up, and some were random things like dentist offices, or Chinese restaurants?? What horrified us the most was when we were leaving as we got back in the truck, my mama noticed a used syringe on the ground...GROSS! As soon as we all got loaded in the truck I immediately broke out the B&BW hand sanitizer for all SIX of us, and we felt a little better, but still on edge. But overall it was a good wax museum! And as soon as we crossed this unique bridge...

It seemed to all be over. We were in a really cool, hip, downtown, HGTV part of Baltimore. We saw the Baltimore Raven's Stadium as well as the Orioles Stadium. And it was a really cool area, with tall apartment buildings made completely of brick and they had fire escapes. I'd rather live on the OTHER side of the bridge!

Then we were back in D.C! We went to Union Square to enjoy good food! My sister wanted to go to a place called B.Smiths which is named after a lady who is like the black Martha Stuart? But we looked at a menu they have outside and it was all Southern food. My mama and my niece and I didn't want MORE southern food, I mean we already like in the south, we eat southern food almost all the time we wanted something different. So me, my mama and my niece went to a restaurant next door to B.Smiths called Thunder Grill. It was sooooooooo good! I had a chicken sandwich that had guacamole and a homemade spicy mayo on it on a kaiser(ish) bun, with hand cut fries and coleslaw it was sooo tasty, not as seasoned as food back home, but still good!

Parking in D.C is MURDER! Almost every spot is for "Authorized Government Officials" and parking garages are like $15, IF you can find one, because the other garages are for Government workers as well! I really enjoyed the city, everybody can bike where they need to go. I've thought about moving there a few years after college for my teaching career. It would be a fun city, and a new experience! It has a New York vibe, but not too hectic, but it still has my down-home cozy Charleston feel that I love as well, so I wouldn't get too homesick! And the guys are BEYOND fine! I can't wait to start a career in that city!

So that's all for this extremely LONG D.C/Maryland update post! I'll leave you all with this...
BTW: My hair is REAL people ask all the time! I'm afraid of weaves! L0l!

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