March 20, 2011

Oopsies...{I've been a BAD blogger}

Whose been a bad blogger lately...**this girl**!!

With spring break and work and family & friends, I got a little sidetracked!

So here's what I've been up to since I last blogged!

-Spring Break started! {Whoo-hoo!!!}

-so did the pollen and the sneezes, watery eyes, and itchy eyes and throat! {booooo}

-I went to spend some time with my aunt!

-I worked...

-I spent money I shouldn't have spent! :[

-I was down with a tummy ache!

-I got to spend time with one of my FAVORITE cousins...M and she told me everything about her current journey of her pledging a sorority... Delta Sigma Theta Inc, one of the most famous and influential African American sororities! She'll be sort of "crossing-over" or being "introduced" in front of family and friends on April 8th and I can't wait to be there! Especially the big party afterwards that she invited me too! Her sorority has "brothers!" They are widely affiliated with another famous African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi a.k.a the Q-Dogs in their purple and gold, with their loud chants and steps! Most Q's are FINE and I can't wait to party with them! ; )

-My baby cousin Brook turns 1 on the 28th! And her parents are throwing this big party for her in Charlotte on April 2nd! Can't wait!

-The biggest news of all, even though my Spring Break was this week, April 28-May 3rd me and my family are going to D.C! I'm gonna knock on the White House doors and see if the President answers his own door...L0l! Then we're gonna go to alot of museums and stuff which I'm super excited about since I love history and culture and art and everything else! My mama really wants to see Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat(she's weird like that)! And D one of my really good friends from elementary AND middle school goes to Howard University in D.C and he says he's gonna show me the sites too and take me to the YOUNG hot spots! I'm super excited, I can't wait!

-So I have to take off April 1 & 2 for my baby cousin's birthday party in Charlotte, April 8 for my cousins introduction ceremony and the big AFTER PARTY in Orangeburg! And I have to take off April 28-May 3rd for D.C! That's alot of days! That's like 9 days! Pretty darn close to 2 weeks! I also have to save alot of my money! This is going to be a challenge!

If anyone knows of any really good places to visit while in D.C please let me know! Also, stuff for kids because my nieces will be there also and they're 10 & 11!

Now that your caught up, I'm off to get my clothes from the dryer and tidy my room a bit, then off to the mall!!! :)

Peace & Love

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