February 4, 2011


The other day as I was skipping class and browsing throught the aisles of Targe' a.k.a Target! I came across this darlin' of a purse!

Its a cute little studded crossbody.

After getting over its cuteness and sorta sneaking it in the house(my mama has been on me about buying new purses) it was small enough to fit in the giant purse I was already carrying so it was pretty easy to bring in the house and stash in my purse bin. Yes! I said purse bin. It's a 18 gallon or so, and I put all my purses in it, I need a new one because I don't want to overstuff the bin and mess my purses up!

After I got the purse home and was admiring my cheap purchase, ($7 to be exact)  I wondered... What the hell am I gonna wear with this purse??? 

Any suggestions??

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