November 30, 2011

Easy Livin'...

I don't have a what I'm loving Wednesday today...because I haven't been loving anything since I packed up my life and MOVED to Fayetteville. But I feel better, day after day, and I'm feeling less, and less homesick as well. Today was just a pretty basic day, still looking for a job since Old Navy is being mean, and wants me to wait until after the holidays to transfer up here, since they're fully staffed for the holidays. Today I cleaned a little. I finally got ALL my stuff that was in my sister's garage and lugged it all upstairs... what a workout?! I did some laundry, took out trash, brought the trash & recycling bins back to the house, vacuumed, washed my hair, showered, and a SPLASH of organizing. Besides that I didn't do anything else today. I'm still a little bit sad and homesick, but i'll manage.

Does anybody know a good way to deal with being homesick?

Help a poor girl out!

I'm glad to regularly be back in the swing of blogging, hopefully I won't pull another Houdini (disappearing act) again! :)

Peace & Love

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