February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! 2/2/11

What I'm Loving This Wednesday is...

  • The horrible rain we had here in Charleston this morning and it immediately cleared up and we had beautiful sunny yet windy weather to make up for it later on today!
  • Im also loving these...
Michelina's Lean Gourmet meals. I love them, they keep me perfect on my portions, calories, fat...EVERYTHING! They're also pretty dang tasty, I don't even have to add any seasonings. And the best part they are VERY inexpensive I'm talking $1 and some are $1.07... and some have coupons to take a dollar off when you buy 5! One for everyday of the week, minus the weekend!

  • I'm also loving the new episode of A&E's Storage Wars that comes on tonight! And my guilty pleasure that also comes on tonight of TLC's Toddlers & Tiara's! And ...MTV's I Used To Be Fat!

  • I'm L O V I N G my hair today! Its usualy very unruly and never wants to cooperate, but today it bounced and flowed and blew in the Charleston wind perfectly! Even with my headband on. And my sunglasses and prescription glasses going back and forth from my face to the top of my head! Today was most defenitely a GOOD hair day!

  • Im finally loving my Atkins Weight Loss Kit Sample! It came with 3 snack bars, a booklet with the amount of calories in everything, and a little recipe book! It was a free sample! And, I'm gonna use it very wisely! :)
And thats What I'm Loving (this) Wednesday!!!


  1. So cute! I love what I'm lovin' Wednesday! We have horrible rain in NC, too! :( Boo on that! But we had a beautiful 65 degree day today!

  2. Thanks! my sister lives in NC and the kids hardly ever have school because of the weather! haha! I don't know the exact temperture but it felt really good today!