April 17, 2011

{Home Alone}

That exactly what I've been.

I kinda feel left behind, these people forgot all about me. My mama and step-daddy went to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my step-dads brother whose sick.

Why didn't I tag along you ask?? I had to work...

At my job (Old Navy) shifts have been kinda scarce , but I'm getting more and more shifts now since I'm not exactly "new" anymore. Some people and myself think that you get more shifts based on how many Old Navy cards we get. We have a major competition going on right now to see who gets the most cards within the month of April. The last week of April I wont be here, I'll be in D.C so I have to push pretty hard to be on top. Last week I guess??  Well the week of 4/10 through 4/16 I only had 2 shifts :(
Howeverrr... I got about 6 Old Navy cards in just those 2 days, and that's pretty good, so when i was emailed my schedule for 4/17 through 4/23 I had FOUR shifts. That's pretty good. Saturday while I was working my manager asked if I wanted to pick up a shift for Sunday evening, I thought about it and the extra money for D.C and accepted. And my 4 shifts this week are on Monday-Thursday. So I'll be working nonstop up until Thursday. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I told my manager I'm going to enjoy my Friday and Saturday off and that NOBODY should call me to come in!

Enough about my part-time gig, back to feeling like this...

When I came home on Friday, my step-dad and HIS dad was waiting for my mama to get home from work so she could pack and they could head to Atlanta! I was really tired so a hour or so after they left I went to sleep until about 7pm, then I woke up changed into my jammies, got something to eat, switched to the comfier & bigger couch then went back to sleep. I woke up again a little after midnight and couldn't get back to sleep, and it was a tornado watch going on here so the extremely loud wind kept creeping me out, I'm usually not scared when I'm home alone but I don't know why I was a little creeped out and a little on edge! I really miss my mommy too.

Hopefully they'll be back on Sunday when I get from work. I miss them! And I hope they brought me something back. Haha!

On Friday, when I finally get a chance to unwind I think my best friend and I are going to treat ourselves a Charleston Riverdogs game...I just kinda have to tell her my plan! I think it'll be fun, a baseball game to start off a good weekend, and I haven't seen my best friend in like THREE weeks, I miss her! If she doesn't want to go I'll make her! Haha!

I remember when I went to elementary and middle school in downtown Charleston and my school would ALWAYS take field trips to see the RiverDogs play (for those that don't know the RiverDogs is Charleston's Minor league baseball team!) We have a minor hockey league too! I think its called minor at least! They're the Stingrays!

That is all going on in my life!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on Coach Poppy perfume, my best friends birthday is coming up!

She doesn't read this so I don't have to worry! The price is usually around $60, but I'm thinking I can get it a little cheaper! Let me know guys I would really appreciate it!

Peace & Love

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