April 19, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Guess where I'm going this weekend???

Go ahead! Guess!

Give up... (gave it away in the title anyways! L0l!)

I'm going to the RiverDogs baseball game on Friday!

My sister and my nieces are coming down from NC this weekend, Yay! One of my nieces did really bad in school so she has absolutely no privileges, sucks for her. My mama and sister are planning on going to get pedicures on Friday, and my niece with the bad grades has to sit there and basically watch them. But my other niece got straight A's and student of the month or something like that, so I'm going to reward her with a baseball game and whatever she want to eat, she eats like a full grown man and she's only 11 and a complete toothpick, she is super skinny, maybe its because she's always doing something. Basketball, ballet, soccer, hip-hop dance, and she like her Dance-Dance Revolution and Wii. Since she actually worked hard in school she's going to be rewarded. And at home games on Friday's they do fireworks, and give out t-shirts and its extra fun for the kids especially!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

This is my outfit choice for the game on Friday, the weather is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s, and kinda breezy. If the weirdo weather here changes anymore then i'll probably switch it up with Capri's or skinny jeans or something!

  • John "Lemon" Graphic Tee
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Forever 21 Aviators
  • Coach Wrislet
  • Rainbow Flip-Flops
  • Polo Hat

I can't wait, I haven't been to a RiverDogs game in years!

It'll be good fun!

What are ya'll weekend plans?

PS, I originally made this post on Tuesday or Wednesday, but my Internet went out so I couldn't post it, now I'm sitting in a coffee shop posting it! (and its NOT starbucks, l0l)

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