April 11, 2013

I Need To Work On This...

Well guys, I had braids in my hair for the past 2 months, it really makes my life a heck of a lot easier. And who doesn't like that? But the worst part is always taking those suckers out. And I was up all night (I seriously watched the sun come up) taking those things out.. Needless to say I was extremely tired this morning. My best friend called me and we takes for a little while and she said she would probably stop by when she left the mall ( she's a shopaholic.) I told her ok and to possibly call me a few times because I sleep REALLY hard... I woke up around noon and had about 3 missed calls and 2 text messages and STILL didn't wake up. I have always slept extremely hard since I was a kid and I have no idea why. But creepy things can wake me up, like a person standing over me or someone being in my room that's not supposed to be (my nieces.) I think the only time this bad habit/trait will change is when I have kids and since that won't be for a while, what is a gal to do? Are there any exercises or techniques that I could do to be a lighter sleeper? I could miss very important things and phone calls by sleeping to hard. Something's gotta give already!

p.s. weird sn, when I have to go to work or somewhere important and I set an alarm I ALWAYS wake up before the alarm goes off... My body need to get it together!

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