May 30, 2013

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Nine

Hey ya'll. Once again I'm linking up with Tara & Vicki for the NAIL FILES!
Here are the nails I'm workin' with this week...

Here they are.
Essie- Naughty Nautical
I believe this color is from the new summer collection, but I'm not sure... There goes me lacking the details once again. -_-
p.s I won't leave my nails messy like this, I will clean it up! :)
So go ahead and link up girls! (or guys)
Peace & Love


  1. Love the color! It's a perfect color for spring and fall.

  2. Great colour! It looks fab!

    Tara and Vicki aren't hosting The Nail Files anymore, so there's a new button. I know the date of this post is from May so for any Nail Files posts in the future, please use the new button (found on my blog). Thanks! :)

  3. It is from the summer collection - it's the only one I have and I love it ;) I love the subtle shimmer to it!