April 7, 2013

Today We Lost An Icon...

Today we lost an icon.... The great Ms. Lily Pulitzer..

Every blogger, especially the southern bloggers know about Lily Pulitzer. Her fabulous, colorful, tropical dresses are a MUST! For example...

Although, I'm unable to really afford Lily, (#BrokeCollegeKidProblems) and let me be quite honest, even though her dresses are GORGEOUS they aren't exactly tailor made for the short and curvy. I have however owned her agenda and matching pen that I bought with my HS graduation money for my 1st semester of college. I loved it! I'm going to make it my business to purchase more things from her line, especially with the summer coming up.
However, it is truly sad that she has passed away, but she did live a long beautiful life until the age of 81 and that is truly a blessing in itself.
I have vowed to start my "Lily Fund" that will consist of a dress, sandals, a drink tumbler, and a wallet. And the alterations that I will have to have on the dress.
Let's not mourn the loss, but celebrate her life!
Peace & Love


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