August 27, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals!!

I'm so excited to present my FIRST post for Foodie Pen Pals August 2013!
If your not familiar with it you can read up on it here on Lindsay's (founder of FPP) blog. Not to be extremely long winded but the program is pretty much like... you make sure to sign up, the by the 5th of the month you receive your matches. The person who YOU'LL be sending a box of goodies to, and the person who will be sending YOU a box of goodies! You have a budget of $15 but lets be real, who can stay within that limit?
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It's really fun to get food, snacks and goodies from people in extremely different parts of the country. Example, If you live in the deep South and send a package to a Pacific North Westerner. Or a Midwesterner person sending a package to a born-bred New Yorker! If that makes any sense. So, I actually participated in the FPP last year July and I actually never received my package. I believe it was because when I moved from SC to NC, then back to SC the address change situation got crazy. That kind of discouraged me a bit, but I was reading someone else's blog and then saw that did the FPP and I said "why not give it another shot?" So I did! I was paired with Anna and Lena! I sent a package that was VERY Charleston themed to Lena of LeanLena and I received a package from Anna of Restaurant Wife Dietitian Life! I got really nervous about the package because it was sent on a Saturday with 2-day shipping and I didn't get it until the next Friday. I thought the USPS lost yet another package, which low and behold they didn't, but the box was definitely banged up, and I know for a fact she didn't send it that way, so SHAME on you USPS... Moving on, I was emailing Anna that VERY day about how I didn't receive the package yet and she had already thrown away the receipt with the tracking number. I ran a few errands after work and didn't get home until about 2 hours after we exchanged emails. I walk into my room and see this...
I was SOOOOO excited, talk about rip a package open? It surely felt like Christmas! :)
This is what it looked like when I opened the box...
I love newspapers!
Here's What was included:

1. Lime & Chile Mixed Nuts
2. Sweet & Spicy Pecans
3. Cranberry Almond KIND bars- So AMAZING!
4. Hot & Sweet Mustard (I haven't tried it yet but I. CANNOT. WAIT!
5. Dark Chocolate/Caramel Wedges
Everything all nice and pretty!(excuse my messy bed). When I told her I like spicy, she made sure to deliver the SPICY!
Don't forget to go sign up for the Foodie Pen Pals September 2013!
Peace & Love

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