April 17, 2013


So... it's Wednesday. And I need to love stuff...

I have absolutely no idea why I'm having such wedding fever lately. Maybe its because I was born, raised and residing in the South. Is it weird that I've somewhat had my wedding planned out in my head since I was about 13? No? Great!
I've always known that I wanted a fall wedding here in Charleston. no matter where life takes me, my wedding WILL be in Charleston. I love the fall, its my favorite season, and I actually hate the summer and being hot. So imagine being in a wedding dress. All that fabric, Charleston heat in the spring or summer. No thanks! So here is a little inspiration I've been looking at for my future!

I'm actually not a flower person at all, but Sunflowers are just SO gorgeous!



How cute is this cake? Very Alice in Wonderlandish!
Aren't they puurty? All I need is a man, a ring and the finances!
I'm ALSO loving...
This AMAZING weather! If it could stay like this all spring and summer I'd be one happy girl!
The last thing I'm loving today is LIFE, especially with the horrible recent event of the bombing in Boston, I appreciate life a lot more each and everyday.
That's all I'm loving... besides y'all of course! ;)
Peace & Love


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