April 8, 2013

Restaurant Review: Sesame Burgers and Beer

Long time no chat, but lets not dwell on the past. ONWARD THIS POST! (My inner warrior just snuck out for a second... Sorry.)

Anyways, with the spring somewhat here, even with the crazy Charleston weather, and the summer around the corner I thought I should expand my horizon of restaurant ventures...So this spring & summer, I'm going to try new(at least new to me) restaurants all over Charleston and take pictures of the décor and my meals and report back to y'all with a very honest review! So this time around...actually on April 2nd, me and two of my friends were exploring at Citadel Mall, which was a sheer stroke of luck because I NEVER go to that mall, and if I do, I go to Target and back to my car.(Not exactly the best shopping experience in Charleston.) But we were in the area and my friends wanted to go there to go to Subway originally... $5 foot longs, can't beat it with a stick right?

Then as we were about to walk into the mall, me. Being the genius that I am, spotted a chalkboard sign that said "EVERY TUESDAY! $3 BURGERS 4PM-CLOSE!"
I immediately checked the time on my phone...It was a little after 5pm... JACKPOT! We went in, and a cute, very tall girl in an all kinds of gorgeous sage jumpsuit greeted us then sat us outside, since seating inside didn't exist. We thought we'd be all cool and hip to sit outside, then it got a lot colder, and I really think they forgot about us out there after we got our drinks. Even the guy with the two toddlers was forgotten about. When the guy finally came out there, we asked if we could go sit inside because it was WAY to cold. The only place available to sit was at this bar thing, but it wasn't a bar. It was like front row seats to all the kitchen action..

The burgers were $3 for either a turkey burger, beef burger, chicken sandwich or black bean burger. It already comes with lettuce and a side of fries was only $1.50! You pay for any added toppings, they cost between $0.35-$1.10. You can get anything you want on your burger from over 10 different cheeses, to bacon, a fried egg or even peanut butter! That's right... peanut butter!
I went with the basics.. cheese, tomatoes, and onions.
And they have ketchup and mustard there for you to use, and they give you some housemade mayo and honey mustard upon request. It was one of the best burgers I ever had in my life! Juicy, tender and it was turkey so you don't feel THAT guilty about ruining your diet. I've never sat with my friends and was more silent during a meal than I was on Tuesday at Sesame Burgers and Beer. And my total was a little over $6, because I always get water, I never get a soda or anything. This place will see me quite often on Tuesdays after 4pm that's for sure! Be sure to check them out, I went to the West Ashley location which I believe is a little smaller in size compared to the other location even though I haven't been to those before. This place will be my go to, especially when it gets a lot warmer here. I thought I'd leave y'all with a picture of my demolished plate...
I couldn't finish that last little bite..
Leave all your Charleston restaurant recommendations for me to check out and review! Preferably places that have daily specials, or some kind of deal once or twice a week.
Until next time guys...
Eat a little, live a lot!
Peace & Love


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