February 29, 2012

Black History Month Blog Challenge: Day 7...

Would you ever take your butt to the freezing cold Arctic and explorer stuff? I think not. At least I wouldn't. That place is practically desolate, only ice (that's slowly melting), polar bears, and fish. That definitely ain't easy livin' there!

But this guy...

Matthew Alexander Henson. He grew up in the M (Maryland) in the D[M]V. When he was a teenager he had a job as a cabin boy on a merchant ship. For years he was able to travel the world and learn everything there is to learn about seamanship. However, he experienced a lot of racism and prejudice during his time on the ship and left once he turned 18. He was offered a job as a servant on an expedition to Nicaragua, during the expedition his skills and talents really shined and he was later asked to be apart of an expedition that would eventually land him in the North Pole. After two decades Henson and a group of people known as the Innuit reached the North Pole on April 7, 1909. Although, it was years before he received and credit for leading such a dangerous expedition, he eventually did, receiving a memorial in honor of the great explorer at the Maryland State House. Henson overcame adversity and showed complete perseverance. Y'all can read more about him here.

Peace & Love

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