February 2, 2012

Black History Month Blog Challenge: Day 2...


I am a Musical WHORE! OK maybe that's a little extreme, but I love musicals.

Rent. West Side Story. Grease (I secretly always wanted to be a Pink Lady). The Wiz. Mary Poppins.
Annie (My sisters favorite, she sings EVERY song obnoxiously!). Fiddler on the Roof. Dream Girls....

And so much more. When I FINALLY make it to New York...Broadway will be my first stop!

So on to the actual HISTORY part of this blog challenge.

This guy.

James Hubert Blake or Eubie Blake

He was the first African American to compose and produce a Broadway musical that was written AND directed by African Americans. And lets face it, a good musical, especially on Broadway is absolutely nothing without an amazing composition. The musical Shuffle Along in 1921 was very popular among both black & white people. His ragtime music was a hit. I'm sure if I was actually in that era I would have enjoyed it as well, but I enjoy almost ALL musicals...hey don't judge me! But I won't sit here and give you a complete bio, you can read it all here yourselves. Its 9 something PM, when I realized "Oh My Lanta! I didn't post and it'll be 12 AM soon!" I hurried to my laptop, did a quick little research and got steadily distracted with my nieces fighting each other ninja style(as always) but I was determined to pump this post out before February 3rd. But you all know I am the queen of procrastination, and for this I can only apologize and continue to be myself! L0l! This was the first time I got on my computer all day actually. Hmmm, wonder who I'll write about tomorrow. Sometimes, I wish I was working on Western Time, that would save me 3 lovely hours! But hey! Wouldn't change these lovely Southern roots for the world, it was just a simple thought. Well, now I'm rambling, so....yeah...bye!

Peace & Love

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