February 20, 2012

Black History Month Blog Challenge: Day 5...

Y'all heard of the movie Roots right?

Stupid question. I'm sure you have... Who hasn't?
But alot of people forget about the actual author of the monumental book, that was later made into a movie that changed the WORLD.

Alex Haley...
Mr. Haley is the genius behind the cultural phenomonom!

Even though that movie is like A WEEK LONG! Well they call it a mini-series, I call it a movie. Its soo worth it to watch it, even a little bit of it.

Not many people know that the story is an adaptation of the history of his ancestors. This man deserves so much more credit than he receives, because he really changed alot of people, especially the people of the 1970s who still had a very racist mentality. He made people open their eyes and realize what our ancestors went through, and how much they suffered, and after being dragged from our homeland, beaten, raped, or maybe even killed, then forced to work in unbearable conditions and not even get decent food, clothes OR an education. I wasn't around when the movie first came out, but my mama says that it made alot of white people feel bad, she said that for a few weeks random people would come up to her and my aunts and uncles and apologize. Weird right? If you want to know more about Haley just go here, and if you want to know more about the story/movie Roots go here.

Peace & Love

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