February 29, 2012

Black History Month Blog Challenge: Day 6...

Everybody and their mama knows her...

She is such an amazing and talented artist! She has SO many firsts its hard to keep track of. Not to mention an adorable new baby named Blue Ivy! She's also very kind. And an amazing business woman. This post is gonna be super short, I'm just gonna let you know how amazing she is, very simply. Even though she has MANY accomplishments and "Firsts" as an African American woman. However, in light of keeping it short and trying to get some more posts out since I'm such a slack blogger, that recently got a new job that I'll tell you all about later. I'll give y'all five Beyonce accomplishments/firsts facts instead.

1. She's the first African American female artist to top the 4 million mark.
2. First female to be awarded the International Artist Award at the American Music Awards.
3. First and ONLY woman to have a single and album simultaneously topping the charts in two different countries.
4. African American female artist with the most magazine covers...EVER!
5. She was also the first and ONLY African American to ever be on the cover of Forbes Magazine.
If y'all want to see the HUGE list of her accomplishments go here.

Peace & Love

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