February 18, 2012

Black History Month Blog Challenge: Day 4...

Todays awfully late post is on this little lady here....

Her name is Linda Brown, and she was the first African American child to attempt to desegregate schools in Kansas with the help of the NAACP and her family was one of thirteen families to initiate the infamous lawsuit Brown vs. Board of Education, which was named after her family since they were the first family to decide to take legal action. Linda Brown was a third grader from Topeka, Kansas that wanted a better education at a better school, with better books, and better classrooms. She had to travel about 2 miles just to go to her bus stop, then go to an all Black school, which meant she had to wake up really early everyday. However, there was an all White just a few blocks away, but she wasn't allowed to go there because of the color of her skin, how rude is that! The NAACP took the case to the United States Supreme Court in the fall of 1951 and 3 years later it ended victoriously. All kids, white and black could sit in a classroom together with the same books and share a quality education. And education I wish alot of young kids would appreciate now-a-days. Despite being ridiculed, talked down to, and humiliated and called names everyday, Linda stuck with it, and she was brave and it paid off in the end. You can read a little more about her here.

I'll be shooting out a few more of these, so I might post these consecutively or wait a hour or two between each, I don't want to overload y'all!

Peace & Love

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