June 29, 2012

Oh my!

Guess what guys? Today marks exactly one week until my 20th birthday. I'll no longer be a "teenager" and my childhood will only be a fond distant memory, I know a tad dramatic, but it's true. On July 6th it will mark 20 years of my existence. It seems like just yesterday I was having my 6th Barney themed birthday party at my aunts catering hall and dancing with my cousins in my cute new Gap outfit! Man I miss the good ole' days, no worries, no responsibility, no cares just being a kid. Now I have to worry about things. Money, time, work, college, and balance a social life. It's a little stressful and I DO NOT handle stress well, but it's something I can't avoid. I'll just take it with a grain of salt and continue to learn from my mistakes and grow up, now all I need is a boyfriend. LOL!

Peace & Love

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