June 3, 2012

Open For Business...

Hola dudes & dudettes! So a little while ago I decided to open a Etsy shop. I already had an account for buying, so I started using it for selling. I haven't made any sales yet....boooo! But I'm still confident. Its called CreationsbyTiffani, and so far all I have are some handmade earrings. Soon I hope to have handmade bracelets, necklaces, and headbands. I've been thinking of doing some that are collegiate colors. Ex. Carolina: Garnet & Black. Clemson: Orange & Purple. Alabama: Crimson Red & White. Georgia: Red & Black. Ole' Miss: Navy Blue & Red. North Carolina: Carolina Blue & White. Tennessee: Orange & White. Texas: Burnt Orange & White. Virginia Tech: Maroon & Orange. And whatever colors a customer wants. I really do hope you guys will go and check out my shop and buy some earrings and check back soon for some other pieces.... ALL handmade by moi! I just have to work out my school and work schedule to make some new pieces to add to my shop. I hope you all will support me and my shop! Whoop whoop! So in case ya missed it...here's the link again... HERE! :)

Peace & Love

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